Christmas is almost here and we often find ourselves in overindulgence. It can be difficult not to resist the infinite food at our fingertips. In fact, research has found that we put on some weight during the holiday season.

Plus, all the social events and work deadlines can take a toll on our health, so it is important to keep ourselves healthy.

Nutrition would be a great place to start, but remember, many lifestyle habits are also connected, such as getting adequate sleep and moving your body.

Here are 5 health care tips for Christmas so you can stay healthy while enjoying the holidays with your friends and family.

  • Don’t overeat

For most of us, Christmas Day is the most edacious day of the year. We have a lot of food at our fingertips, accompanied by cheeses, chocolates, biscuits, and snacks. And of course, we fail to resist the temptation. Limiting food intake on the big day is perhaps the most difficult thing to do. However, it is important to have some control over your taste buds. You know what overeating could do to you.

  • Eat something healthy

You may tend to eat more food during the day, especially the ones that are low in fiber and high in sugar and salt. So, aim at eating regular meals and choose lighter meals with smaller portions. You can have a mixed salad with grilled chicken or tuna; fruit salad with nuts and Greek yogurt; an egg on toast with spinach and avocado. Try to replace a few calorific snacks.

  • Go easy on your spirits

Whether or not you drink alcohol is your personal choice, but if you choose to drink alcohol, remember that moderation is the key. Binge drinking could increase the risk of cardiac events in people with heart disease. Make sure you are well hydrated before you start drinking alcohol. You may even switch to non-alcoholic drinks, as there is no compulsion on drinking alcohol at social events and gatherings.

  • Stay physically active

Christmas Day brings the temptation to stay sitting on the couch for most of the time, including the time spent at the dining table. There is nothing wrong with using some couch time, but it is important to keep moving a bit. This could include going down to the beach or park to throw a ball around. Exercise to support your physical as well as mental health.

  • Get adequate sleep

Christmas is all about excitement and celebrations so we often skip our sleep time. Our sleep can be affected while getting ready for the day. Therefore, it is important to get enough sleep, as it helps the body to rest, restore, and recover. Poor sleep has been linked to an increased risk of cardiac events in people with heart disease.