Thursday, April 2, 2020

Medical Professionals Urge People to Donate Personal Protective Equipment

As the number of new confirmed coronavirus cases continues to grow, doctors, nurses, and other health workers are begging the public to donate the personal protective equipment (PPE) such as facemasks, gowns, eye gear, among others. The hashtag #GetMePPE started last week.

NHS England Recommends Taking Paracetamol for the Symptoms of Coronavirus

The National Health Service (NHS) England has advised people to take paracetamol (acetaminophen) if they are at home and have symptoms of the coronavirus, aka COVID-19. The NHS recommendation comes after experts said that NSAIDs like ibuprofen could aggravate the infection.

Facebook Blocks Coronavirus Posts from Fact-Based Sources

Facebook has been deleting misleading and inaccurate coronavirus posts during the period of a pandemic. Apart from Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, Microsoft, and other platforms have been curbing COVID-19 information that could be incorrect.

Sophie Gregoire, Wife of Canadian PM Justin Trudeau, Tests Positive for Coronavirus

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s wife, Gregoire Trudeau, has been tested positive for the coronavirus. She experienced mild flu-like symptoms after returning from a meeting in London. She is receiving medical attention. She will remain in isolation for the time being.

New Coronavirus Guidelines Updated For Ophthalmologists

The American Association of Ophthalmology has issued new guidelines for ophthalmologists amid growing concerns about the ongoing coronavirus outbreak. Studies have found that some patients infected by the virus, aka COVID-19, reported conjunctivitis, or pinkeye.

Mental Health Risks with Montelukast, FDA Warns

The FDA will add boxed warnings on labels of montelukast, which is prescribed to treat allergy and asthma, about potentials mental health risks, such as serious behavior, mood changes, and even suicidal thoughts. Montelukast is sold under the brand name Singulair for treating allergy and asthma symptoms.

Swedish Researchers Say Length of Pregnancy Causes DNA Changes in Newborns

Swedish researchers have mapped a relationship between the length of pregnancy and chemical DNA changes in newborns. The researchers, who published their findings in the journal Genome Medicine, explained that with each week’s longer pregnancy, chemical DNA alters, causing neurodevelopmental disorder in infants.