Sunday, May 26, 2019
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CVS Pharmacy has launched a new program called “Tested to be Trusted” that requires all of its vitamins and supplements be tested by a third party. The aim is to make sure the label information is correct and the products are free from contamination. The move has come amid major concerns about vitamins and supplements beings poorly regulated.
Mrs. Rose Marie Bentley, who was an Oregon resident, died at the age of 99 with an unknowingly rare congenital condition called situs inversus with levocardia. The case came to the light when doctors and students noticed that her organs were not in the typical anatomical position. Despite having a rare condition, she led a long and healthy life.
The higher concentration levels of pollen in the air leads to allergic reactions in many people even though they are non-allergic. Not only the higher concentration or large quantity pollens is causing allergies but also the pollen itself is more potent for such reaction.
A study finds that many people tend to apply the sunscreen wrongly. The research, published in PLOS ONE journal, suggests people who skip certain areas of their face while applying the lotion are more prone to skin cancer. Therefore, it is imperative to apply sunscreen appropriately, covering all the areas.
According to a study, a fetus is prone to a defective cardiovascular system if the pregnant woman is exposed to polluted air containing nanoparticles. Exposure to air polluted with nanoparticles early in the pregnancy can affect fetal heart development. It can also affect the overall growth and development.