Monday, January 27, 2020
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Author of Anxiety: Another Name for Pain Dr. David Hanscom has beautifully explained why our mental health is more crucial than our physical health. He also explained how mental health issues manifest physical symptoms, suggesting the solution lies in addressing mental health issues.
A new study has found that people who are 85 or above may need different blood pressure guidelines to reduce their risk of heart attacks, strokes, cognitive decline, dementia, kidney disease, or even death. The study found that achieving systolic blood pressure levels to 120 mmHg in people above 85 could be helpful.
A new study has found that air exposure to air pollution could lead to poor bone health. The study found that exposure to ambient air pollution lowers the bone mass and bone density, causing osteoporosis. The results were conclusive enough to say that air pollution indeed affects bone health.
Lush, a UK-based hand-made cosmetic retailer, has launched 20 new vegan body sprays to its collection of the most popular shampoos, bubble bars, and bath bombs. The new vegan body sprays are now available online. Lush launched a program “Fresh to Your Steps” that allows you to order the products.
The CDC released a statement this week, warning people of an infection with Campylobacter jejuni coming from puppi at the pet stores. Officials said the infection is resistant to multiple drugs. The CDC has advised people to wash their hands thoroughly and use sanitizer after handling their puppies.
Amid ongoing loneliness epidemic in the United States, one study has found that older people between the ages of 50 and 74 are no longer lonely; however, the level of loneliness was increased after the age of 75. The study explained that it could be due to declining health or the loss of the loved ones, such as a spouse or significant other.
A new UK study has found that people who play in a brass band could experience a wide range of physical and mental health benefits. The study found that it helped participants to improve their breathing and overall fitness. Also, it helped them to boost their mental and emotional health.