Sunday, July 21, 2019
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According to a new study, sitting in front of the TV for a longer period right after dinner is unhealthy. Researchers found that sitting in front of the TV for long hours could increase the risk of heart attack, stroke, or premature death. However, if you do so but exercise for at least 150 minutes a week, the risk is cut down.
Recently, the Illinois Fire Safety Alliance and Amita Health Medical Group came up with firework safety tips this Independence Day. Now, the Illinois Department of Public Health has offered food safety tips this Independence Day. It has recommended eating well and drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated to stay away from binge eating and drinking.
The co-founder of Hu Kitchen and the CEO of HumanCo, Jason Karp, talk about how he reversed an incurable eye condition, which could have led to blindness, by changing his lifestyle. He recommended exercising, getting enough sleep, practicing breathing techniques, building supportive relationships, and following a healthy diet.
Accord to a new study, patients who are diagnosed with coronary heart disease are at higher risk for cognitive decline in the long run. The study authors found that cognitive scores, including verbal memory as well as orientation of time, declined quicker after patients had a diagnosis of heart disease.
There is strong evidence that suggests eating too much red meat, such as bacon and hot dogs, has been linked to health issues.
According to new research, patients with white coat hypertension, aka white coat syndrome, are twice as more likely to have cardiovascular events or death, because they are not on any antihypertensive agents. Researchers recommend patients to monitor their blood pressure at home as well to make the diagnosis of hypertension.
A new study has found that there is no need to walk 10,000 steps to stay physically active; less than 7,500 steps are enough to decrease the risk of drying. In fact, the study found that women who walked up to 4,400 steps had 41% less risk of dying. Walking helps improve blood circulation, blood pressure, and blood sugar levels.