Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Inadequate Sleep Increases Unhealthy Belly Fat, Finds Study

A new Mayo Clinic study has found that lack of sleep increases unhealthy abdominal fat or visceral fat. Researchers found that this was common in healthy young people. Visceral fat is strongly linked to a variety of chronic metabolic conditions, such as diabetes.

Too Much Napping Linked To Dementia in Older Adults, Finds Study

New research has shown that excessive napping or frequent napping during the day could be associated with early signs of dementia in older individuals. That found that elderly adults who napped at least once a day or more than an hour a day were 40% more likely to develop Alzheimer's.

Around 18 Members of NCIS Reportedly Hit With Mystery Illness

At least 18 members of NCIS have reportedly been hit by a sudden mystery illness, according to TMZ. Although there is no confirmation on what has caused the illness, it has been found that the members reported mild symptoms, including vomiting, which seem to be food poisoning.

5 Health Care Tips For Christmas

Christmas is almost here and we all want to enjoy ourselves, but it is important to keep healthy while celebrating the big day. Know about a few quick health care tips for Christmas which will allow you to have fun without affecting your health.

Regular Good Night’s Sleep Can Earn You Better Grades, Finds Study

A new study by Dr. Tim Bono of the Washington University in St. Louis has found that good quality sleep helps you earn better grades and feel a stronger sense of well-being. He advises people to get enough sleep to perform well in academics and avoid screen time an hour before going to bed.

Study Suggests E-Cigarettes Don’t Help Smokers Quit Cigarettes

A new study has suggested that using e-cigarettes – even daily – did not help smokers stay off cigarettes. The study, published on the JAMA Network Open, investigated more than 13,600 smokers and found that that switching to e-cigarettes did not help smokers to quit conventional cigarettes.

Lawmakers Accuse Facebook of Hiding Instagram’s Negative Findings

Lawmakers criticized Facebook executive Antigone Davis for the company’s poor handling of its internal research on how Instagram has been affecting young people’s mental health. Research has shown that some teenagers using Instagram developed mental health issues, such as eating disorders and even suicidal thoughts.