Friday, March 5, 2021

Australian Real Estate Agent Took 4 Viagra Pills before Attacking Woman

Karl Adon Howard, a Balmain-based real estate agent, took four Viagra pills before attacking a woman with a samurai sword, the court heard. The woman’s lawyer told the court that Howard took the blue pills before the attack and there could be a sexual intent.

Cincinnati CBP Officers Seize More Than 10,000 Fake Viagra Pills

Cincinnati CBP officers seized more than 33 pounds, nearly 10,350 pills, of fake Viagra in tow shipments that were destined to a person in Brooklyn, New York. If the pills had been genuine, they could have cost around $238,050. Viagra is a prescription drug recommended for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Experts Fear That Capitol Hill Mayhem May Have Allowed the Coronavirus to Spread

Scientists have been expressing concerns over the last week’s Capitol Hill violence, fearing that it could be a super-spreading event given the fact that the number of COVID cases has been increasing in the nation. They said the rioters were shouting for longer periods, giving the opportunity for the virus to spread.

First Case of New COVID Strain Detected In United States

The first case of the new strain of the coronavirus, which was first identified in the UK, has been reported in Colorado. The infected man, who is in his 20s, has been diagnosed with the new strain and is currently in isolation in Elbert County. The man does not have a travel history.

Fake Viagra Pills and Other Counterfeit Products Seized At CA Seaport

Last week, U.S. Customs Border Protection and other law enforcement agencies seized fake Viagra pills and other counterfeit products, if they were real, worth more than $32 million. The products were seized at California seaport. The shipments were arriving from China.

Stand-Up Comedian John Mulaney Enters Rehab to Address Drug Addiction Issue

According to a report from Page 6 and other news outlets, John Mulaney has entered a rehab center to address his addiction issues with alcohol and cocaine. He has been open about his sobriety issues in his stand-ups. The report said Mulaney has checked into a Pennsylvania rehab facility over the weekend.

Weed-Killer Glyphosate Could Help Predict Diseases In Future Generations, Study

Glyphosate, a widely used herbicide, exposure in rats helped in predicting certain diseases in their grandchildren or great-grandchildren, according to a new study. Glyphosate-induced changes to the sperm could be used as biomarkers for determining diseases related to prostate, kidney, and obesity.