Sunday, May 26, 2019
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The officials at the Massachusetts Department of Public Health has warned people who went to a seafood restaurant in Rockport called Roy Moore’s Fish Shack to seek medical attention due to a possible exposure to hepatitis A. One of the restaurant’s workers was found to have hepatitis A. Meanwhile, the DPH advised people to take precautionary measures to prevent the further spread.
Scientists at Indiana University School of Medicine have developed an innovative form of dressing using electricity to help heal wound infections. If used in association with other medications, this electricity-based dressing would be more effective. It generates a very voltage of electricity that will not hurt or electrocute the patient.
The Ministry of Health has raised a red flag on three health products after the officials found that they were tainted with prescription drugs. The products includeMadam Kate Detox Capsule, Lorenxo Delicious Pure Chocolate Tablet 1000 mg, and Vigra Pills 6800 mg. They are found to have Sibutramine, Sildenafil, and Tadalafil, which can potentially cause adverse effects.
Freewinds cruise ship owned by the Church of Scientology was quarantined in St. Lucia and arrived in Curacao a week ago because a female crew member was diagnosed with measles. On Saturday, health officials announced that 28 people have been left quarantined, who will be staying abroad until Monday for testing.
After a CNN Business report, Instagram has blocked an additional hashtag #VaccinesKill to stop the spread of vaccine misinformation. However, according to the report, hashtag #VaccinesHarm is still up on the social media platform, which could discourage people from getting vaccinated.