Thursday, October 28, 2021

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Teen Vaping of Marijuana Doubled From 2013 to 2020, Finds Study

New research has found that marijuana vaping among teens has doubled from 2013 to 2020, suggesting that policymakers should better regulate cannabis vaping products and ban ads that target teenagers. Regular vaping of marijuana in teenagers could increase the risk of mental health issues.

Cognitive Impairment Could Persist For Months in COVID Patients, Finds Study

New research has found that cognitive impairment, or brain fog, could persist for months in hospitalized COVID-19 patients, as well as outpatients. The study found that nearly a quarter of COVID patients reported symptoms of cognitive impairment and memory loss.

Approved Generic Drugs Unlikely To Provide Savings for Medicare Part D

New research, published in JAMA Internal Medicine, has found that approved generic drugs for insulin and antiviral agents for treating hepatitis C may lower drug prices for patients but they are unlikely to provide savings to Medicare D Part beneficiaries.

Study Suggests E-Cigarettes Don’t Help Smokers Quit Cigarettes

A new study has suggested that using e-cigarettes – even daily – did not help smokers stay off cigarettes. The study, published on the JAMA Network Open, investigated more than 13,600 smokers and found that that switching to e-cigarettes did not help smokers to quit conventional cigarettes.

Scientists Express Concerns over Booster’s Adverse Effects on Heart

Dr. Ofer Levy, a voting member of the FDA’s advisory panel, said that top scientists have raised concerns over the risk of mRNA-based COVID boosters causing inflammatory heart conditions. Considering this risk, the scientists are dicey about approving boosters in young adults.

California Is On a Separate Way to Reduce Prescription Drug Prices

California is on a separate way to reduce prescription drug prices. The state’s legislation, which went into effect January 1, allows California to make its own insulin and other prescription drugs. The legislation aims to lower drug prices and increase patient access to affordable drugs.


Chong Kun Dang Gets Approval for Diabetes Drug Generic Jardiance (Empagliflozin)

The Korean drug regulatory body has issued approval to drugmaker Chong Kun Dang for its generic version of Jardiance (empagliflozin), which is expected to hit the market in October 2025. Chong Kun Dang becomes the 50th company to receive approval for generic Jardiance.

Drugs That Treat Hypertension and Inflammation Reverse Alzheimer’s In Mice

New research in mice has found that four widely used drugs – two anti-inflammatories and two antihypertensive agents – reverse the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. This finding could pave way for new strategies in treating the neurological condition.


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CDC Seeks Emergency Approval of Diagnostic Test from FDA to Detect 2019-nCoV

The CDC has been seeking for a special emergency approval from the FDA for its newly-developed diagnostic tool that can detect the mysterious new coronavirus (2019-nCoV), which started in Wuhan, China, in December. The new diagnostic test would help the states to detect the virus.

Rethinking Intelligence Is Necessary, Says Author of Different Minds

Dr. Marlo Payne Thurman, the author if Different Mind, has posted an article in Psychology Today, explaining the importance of rethinking intelligence in order to develop a new education model for children. She explains that it is important to re-open discussions about intelligence again.

Scientists Discover a Mechanism That Could Treat Friedreich’s Ataxia

Researchers from Tufts University have discovered a molecular mechanism that could reverse the genetic mutation responsible for causing a neurodegenerative disorder called Friedreich's Ataxia. The researchers explained this could help develop therapeutic strategies.

Scientists Say Personality Traits Are Changeable

A study, which will be published in American Psychologists, has found that personality traits can be changed if you catch people at the right and by putting an extra-sustained effort. They can also be changed by major life events and persistent interventions because they account for important life outcomes.

Scientists Develop Device to Control Brain Cells Using Smartphone

Researchers developed a wireless neural device that could control and manipulate brain cells using a smartphone. The researchers explained that the wireless neural device could be used to speed up to uncover certain brain disorders, including Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, pain and depression.

FDA Approves Samsung Bioepis’ Humira Biosimilar

On Tuesday, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved a biosimilar version of Humira, a blockbuster rheumatoid arthritis drug, called Hadlima by Samsung Bioepis. In the United States, it will be commercialized by Merck & Co. Humira contains Adalimumab, the best-selling drug for rheumatoid arthritis.

Nerve Surgery Helps Paralyzed Man to Regain Movement and Function

Australian surgeons have successfully been able to perform innovative nerve transfer surgery on some paralyzed patients, which has helped them to regain movement and function. The surgeons performed the surgery on 16 paralyzed patients so that they can extend their elbow and hands to grab, open, and pinch.

Scientists Urge Boris Johnson to Delay “Dangerous and Premature” Reopening

More than 100 international doctors and scientists have signed a letter, urging the UK Government to delay the reopening of England this month. They said lifting some of the COVID restrictions in England on July 16 is “dangerous and premature.”

COVID-19: Public Health Officials Urge People to Stay Home for Upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday

Public health officials across the United States have been urging people to stay home and stay safe during the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, as the nation has been experiencing a surge in new COVID-19 cases, affecting nearly all states. The virus has affected over 12 million Americans and killed over 262,000.

Physicians Aren’t Advising Enough Smokers to Quit, Says US Surgeon General

US Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams has revealed his detailed smoking cessation report in a press conference on Thursday. He said 40 percent of smokers are not encouraged to quit smoking by their doctors. In a detailed 700-page report, Dr. Adams mentioned the importance of counseling and medications when it comes to quitting smoking.

US To Screen Every Passenger from Wuhan for New Deadly Coronavirus

US health officials have said that they will screen every passenger coming from Wuhan, China, for a new respiratory virus, which has affected at least 45 people and killed two. The officials will screen all passengers at the three airports upon their arrival. If anyone is suspected, further testing will be done.

Lung Illness Related To Vaping Started Much Earlier Than Reported

Two studies, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, have found that e-cigarette or vaping product use-associated lung injury (EVALI) was surfaced as early as January 2017, long before June 2019, when the outbreak began, and the key culprit is vitamin E acetate found in vaping products.

Mumps Outbreak Reported On the University Of Arkansas Campus

The Arkansas Department of Health has reported that there has been a major mumps outbreak on the campus of the University of Arkansas. Health officials reported nine mumps cases at the university during the fall 2019 semester. More than 300 students were found to had their first dose of MMR vaccine.

Why U.S. Is Facing A Surge In STD Cases?

In 2018, the number of sexually transmitted disease (STD) cases has significantly increased in the United States. Health officials have identified a few factors responsible for causing the surge in STDs, such as lack of access to health care, poor public health infrastructure, poverty, drug use, the stigma of STDs, and a decline in condom use.

US Customs Seize Over 23,000 India-Made Sildenafil Pills in Cincinnati

The US Customs and Border Protection officers in Cincinnati seized more than 23,000 sildenafil citrate pills, which are made in India. The shipment, which was headed to an apartment in Decatur, Georgia, had originated from an apartment in India.

Biosimilar Drugs for Rheumatoid Arthritis

Biologics or biosimilars for rheumatoid arthritis are different from traditional drugs because they are made from living materials, not chemicals. Biosimilars for rheumatoid arthritis include B-cell or T-cell blockers, interleukin 1, 6, or 17 inhibitors, tumor necrosis factor blockers, and Janus kinase inhibitors.

CDC Director Says Racism Is a Serious Public Health Threat

CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky has recently said that racism is a serious public health threat and it should be addressed on a priority basis. She talked about the disproportionate impact of the COVID pandemic on communities of color.

MedicineNet Offers Useful Tips On How To Get Rid Of Bedsores Quickly

MedicineNet, a medical information-providing website, offered a few useful tips on how to get rid of bedsores, or pressure sores, quickly. It recommends a combination of medical and auxiliary treatments to heal pressure sores promptly.

Diets High in Sugar Could Damage Your Gut, Increasing Colitis Risk

Researchers from UT Southwestern Medical Center have found that mice fed with high-sugar diets developed severe symptoms of colitis. They also found that the mice developed colitis because sugary foods damaged their gut’s protective mucosal layer, causing inflammation of the intestines.

Study Finds 5G Networks Have Fewer Health Implications

A new study has found that 5G networks, which offer high download speed than 4G, have no significant impact on human health. The study researchers said 5G radiation is not that harmful that thought, and it is predominantly benign. However, the researchers said they need further investigations to dig deep.

Can Estrogen or Progesterone Help Treat COVID-19 In Men?

Researchers have been conducting two clinical trials to study the effects of female sex hormones, estrogen and progesterone, in men with COVID-19 patients. The trials are conducted on the hypothesis that women are less vulnerable to COVID-19 probably due to estrogen and progesterone.