Friday, April 26, 2019

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Eating When Stressed May Lead to More Weight Gain

According to a study conducted on mice, eating when you are stressed is more likely linked with weight gain. Researchers have explained that weight gain caused by stress eating is due to NPY production in the body. Although NPY production cannot be reduced, it is important to manage stress and avoid processed foods.

Britney Spears Leaves Mental Health Facility

According to a Page Six report, Britney Spears has left the mental health facility that she checked in earlier this month amid her struggle while dealing with her father’s illness. Soon after checking in, fans started speculating that the pop star was admitted into the facility against her will.

Infants under One Shouldn’t Be Exposed To Electronic Screens, Says WHO

According to the WHO, infants under the age of one should not be exposed to electronic screens and children between one and four years should not be exposed to screen time for more than one hour. The agency also said children under five years of age should indulge in a variety of physical activates and get plenty of sleep, which would be achieved by limiting electronic screen time.

Obesity May Shrink Your Brain, Finds Study

According to a large new study conducted on more than 12,000 British adults, people who are obese may have shrinkage in their brain, especially in middle-aged people. The study analyzed the MRI brain scans and the researchers found that more the body fat people had, less the volume of gray matter they have, at least in certain areas of the brain.

Self-Care Helps Mental Health, Says Sarah Hyland

Sarah Hyland, the Modern Family star, said self-care has improved her mental health. It has given her a better sense of control over her body amid so many health issues. The actress underwent 16 surgeries and two kidney transplantations, which made her think of committing suicide.

Deadly “Kissing Bug” Spreading North Into Carolinas, Warns CDC

“Kissing Bug” spreads to the Carolinas, according to the CDC. It is one of the deadliest superbugs that causes Chagas disease, which could be life-threatening if complicated. Initially, an infected person will experience severe redness with intense itching. Each year, millions of people are diagnosed with Chagas disease in the United States.


Mental Health Awareness Prince Harry

Mental Health Awareness: Prince Harry Supports Trans Youth Organization

Prince Harry visited Mermaids, a non-profit organization that looks after transgender and gender-diverse children. He openly talked about mental health. He met the organization to applaud their dedication toward helping trans youth and gender-diverse children. He also teamed up with Oprah Winfrey to create a documentary series on mental health awareness.
Virtual Prosthetic Voice System Creates Speech from Brain Signals

Scientists Develop Virtual Prosthetic Voice System That Creates Speech from Brain...

Scientists developed a new virtual prosthetic voice system that decodes the brain’s vocal intentions and translates them into an understandable speech. This new device could be useful in people who have a speech disability due to neurological conditions such as a stroke or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).


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Iowa Man Gets $12.25 Million After Wrongful Prostate Surgery

A Panora resident Rickie Huitt has been awarded $12.25 million after the Polk County jury noticed that he underwent surgery wrongfully after he got misdiagnosed with cancer. Huitt claimed the major operation has left him unable to control his bladder when he goes to the bathroom due to the side effects of the surgery, and his marital relationship has also been affected.

Huawei Smartphone P30 Pro Launched To Attract Fitness And Health Enthusiasts

Huawei, a leading Chinese smartphone brand finally revealed the most awaited P30 Pro model at a global launch event. There is a new feature in this P30 Pro model that can amaze fitness enthusiasts. There were two more watches newly launched by the company namely more luxury Watch GT and the sporty Watch GT Active.

Dialysis Research: Lab-Grown Blood Vessels Might Help

Patients with end-stage kidney disease have to undergo dialysis treatment periodically. Some researchers and enterprises are experimenting to improve the process of dialysis by new techniques. Recently, a team of researchers from Humacyte Inc., Duke University and Yale says that they are close to making use of alternate method of dialysis i.e. bioengineered blood vessels technique.

CDC Says HIV People Accounting For 40% of Total Transmissions

In the US, there is a need of removing shortfalls present in the HIV testing and Treatments. The delay in diagnosing HIV or not receiving proper treatment is increasing the transmission rate of HIV rapidly. ART therapy reduces the risks of transmitting HIV to others.

Amid Measles Outbreak, Washington State Senator Thinks Vaccine Is Unsafe

Washington State Senator, Lynda Wilson, told VICE News that she believes the measles vaccine has caused more harm than the disease itself. Her statement has been exposed by multiple peer-reviewed studies, including one of the massive studies published this week.

Utah Scientists Discover Potential Treatment For Pancreatic Cancer

Dr. Conan Kinsey of Huntsman Cancer Institute, who is a physician-scientist studying and treating pancreatic tumors, has discovered an experimental treatment for pancreatic cancer, which includes drugs such as Trametinib and Hydroxychloroquine. He prescribed this treatment to Gordon Chamberlain, a patient with late-stage pancreatic cancer, who is doing well now.

Groundbreaking Clinical Trials Program Finds New Hope for People with Parkinsonism

According to new clinical trials, researchers have found that an invasive and experimental treatment offers hope to restore damaged brain cells in patients with Parkinson’s disease, reversing the condition. It has been found that the infusion of Glial Cell Line Derived Neurotrophic Factor (GDNF) regenerate dying dopamine cells in patients with Parkinsonism.

Public Health

Measles Outbreak Record: CDC Reports 78 New Cases and Health Officials Blame Anti-Vaxxers

CDC health officials have reported 78 new measles cases, suggesting the outbreak is sprinting toward a record. They have blamed anti-vaxxers for the surge in the number of measles cases. Health officials are leaving no stone unturned in encouraging parents to get their children vaccinated. The WHO says vaccine hesitance is one of the top global threats of 2019.

Trump Withdraws Health Care Plan After McConnell Warns It Will Not Happen

President Trump backed off from introducing a Republican replacement for the Affordable Care Act of Obamacare after Senator Mitch McConnell privately warned him that the Senate would not revisit health care prior to the elections in November 2020. In fact, many opposed his plan of replacement, citing people could lose health coverage.

E-Cigarette Users Report Seizures to the FDA

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has, so far, received 35 reports of seizures that may be related to e-cigarettes. The agency found that most of them were young adults. Although there is no clear evidence, the FDA has advised e-cigarette users to tell their doctor if they notice any symptoms of seizures.

U.S. Public Health Officials Concerned About Paralyzing Ailment In Kids

Public health officials in the United States are concerned and alarmed by a rare, mysterious, sometimes deadly, neurological disorder called acute flaccid myelitis (AFM), which is somewhat similar to polio. Last year, there were more than 228 confirmed cases of AFM. The CDC says it will hold meetings and setting up task force to monitor the disease more closely.

Health Officials Confirm Third Measles Case in Bay Area

As of now, three measles cases have been confirmed in Bay Area. Public health officials said that the infected person was at the restaurant on March 23 between 8 p.m. and 11 p.m. The Public Health Department is informing all individuals who have possibly came in contact with this individual while they were contagious, and the risk to the public is very low.

Pediatric Death from Flu in Denton County, Health Officials Confirm

Denton County Public Health officials have confirmed a pediatric death caused by flu this season; however, they did not reveal any additional details. The officials warned residents that the county continues to see flu seasons and advised them to get the flu shot if they have not taken it yet.

Government-Patented HIV Treatment Costing Taxpayers Millions, While the Manufacturer Is Earning Billions

HIV drug called Truvada costs taxpayers millions, which is patented by the U.S. government. Meanwhile, the manufacturer of Truvada, Gilead Sciences, has been earning billions from the sales. Many HIV/AID activists are upset with the price for years. Truvada is prescribed to treat and prevent HIV.

Health Care

Am I Still Protected If My Measles Vaccine Was Taken Years Ago?

With the spread of measles across the United States, many people have concerns about measles and the efficacy of the MMR vaccine. The best way to prevent measles is getting vaccinated. One shot of MMR vaccine offers 93% efficacy, while two shots offer 97% efficacy. Experts suggest consulting with a doctor to know more about measles and vaccination.

New Study Raises Doubts About Teeth Whitening-Strip Risks

According to preliminary research presented this week at the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology conference, teeth whitening strips could damage teeth beneath the surface by disappearing the collagen protein. Although considered safe, dentists advise people to seek professional help before trying any teeth whitening products.

Gaza Zoo Evacuates Nearly 50 Neglected Animals

Rafah Zoo in Gaza has moved nearly 50 animals to Jordan and South Africa. The rescue operation was made in order to protect the animal from harsh weather and armed conflict. Earlier this year, four lion cubs froze to death due to inadequate housing and harsh weather. Four Paws, the animal welfare charity, did the rescue operation.

Parents Upset With Amy Schumer’s Autism Awareness Day Insta Post

Amy Schumer has recently shared a post on Instagram to mark the Autism Awareness Day. She rewrote some of the negative terms that are related to autism with her positive terms after husband’s was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Last month, she disclosed the fact that her husband has ASD.

FDA Suggests New Fluoride Standard for Bottled Water, Yet Some Scientists Believe It Is Still Too High

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is proposing a lower concentration level of fluoride in bottled water, yet some researchers and environmental groups think that the proposed limit is still too high, which could pose harmful effects on humans. The International Bottled Water Association supports the new FDA proposal.

Hawaii Would Be the First American State to Ban Flavored E-Cigs

Hawaii could be the first American state to adopt a ban on flavored e-cigarettes, while San Francisco has been the first city to do so. The public health officials would bring a ban in order to reduce the number of teen vaping. The state will ban flavored e-cigs such as Cookie Monsta and Maui Mango, along with other products.

Unhappy America: Finds U.N. Report. Is The “Epidemic Of Addictions” To Be Blamed?

America is unhappy, finds the United Nation’s report. The United States ranked 19th among the 156 countries, according to the World Happiness Report. Finland ranked 1st, while Denmark and Norway ranked 2nd and 3rd, respectively. Researchers blame “epidemic of addictions” for the country’s unhappiness.