Sunday, December 15, 2019

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Playing In a Brass Band Could Boost Your Physical and Mental Health

A new UK study has found that people who play in a brass band could experience a wide range of physical and mental health benefits. The study found that it helped participants to improve their breathing and overall fitness. Also, it helped them to boost their mental and emotional health.

Experimental Drugs Showed Promising Results in Advanced Cases of Breast Cancer

Two experimental drugs, called T-DXd and tucatinib, have shown promising results in treating advanced cases of breast cancer. One drug was found to work as a guided missile that takes chemotherapy to the targeted tumor, while the other was found to be effective at targeting tumor that has spread to the brain.

Indiana Woman Explains How She Reversed Her Type 2 Diabetes

Indiana resident Amy Magan, who was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and was on medications for years, said that she has reversed her condition and is now diabetes-free. A healthy diet plan and exercise regimen have helped her to reverse one of the incurable medical conditions.

Cialis and Other Drugs to Go Generic Soon

The American College of Physicians recommended all doctors to prescribe generic drugs to improve therapy adherence and clinical outcomes. It has been found that as many as seven drugs have or will go generics soon, including the most commonly prescribed erectile dysfunction drug Cialis (tadalafil).

Even Mild To Moderate Drinking Linked To High Cancer Risk

Japanese researchers have found that even mild to moderate drinking could increase the risk of developing cancer. However, they did not prove the exact connection between light drinking and increased cancer risk. The study published in the journal Cancer is probably the first research showing that light drinking increased cancer risk.

René Auberjonois Died Due To Lung Cancer At 79

René Auberjonois, best known for playing roles in “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine,” “Benson,” and “Boston Legal,” has died due to metastatic lung cancer at the age of 79, his son Remy confirmed the news to CNN. He won Tony Award for his role in Coco in 1970. He was nominated for several awards and for an Emmy twice.


Jamie-Lynn Sigler Opens Up About Her Relationship with Multiple Sclerosis

Jamie-Lynn Sigler has recently shared how she has learned some beautiful lessons from her condition, multiple sclerosis (MS). She was diagnosed with MS when she was 20 years old. She said she has been doing well now and explained how it has changed her life over the years.

Kelly Ripa Reveals Details About Her Earlobe Surgery

Kelly Ripa has recently revealed that she has undergone earlobe surgery because she had gauges after wearing hanging earrings. She took to Instagram to post a video, showing her both earlobes and explaining how she why she visited a plastic surgeon to get them corrected.


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Scientists Develop Device to Control Brain Cells Using Smartphone

Researchers developed a wireless neural device that could control and manipulate brain cells using a smartphone. The researchers explained that the wireless neural device could be used to speed up to uncover certain brain disorders, including Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, pain and depression.

FDA Approves Samsung Bioepis’ Humira Biosimilar

On Tuesday, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved a biosimilar version of Humira, a blockbuster rheumatoid arthritis drug, called Hadlima by Samsung Bioepis. In the United States, it will be commercialized by Merck & Co. Humira contains Adalimumab, the best-selling drug for rheumatoid arthritis.

Nerve Surgery Helps Paralyzed Man to Regain Movement and Function

Australian surgeons have successfully been able to perform innovative nerve transfer surgery on some paralyzed patients, which has helped them to regain movement and function. The surgeons performed the surgery on 16 paralyzed patients so that they can extend their elbow and hands to grab, open, and pinch.

Iowa Man Gets $12.25 Million After Wrongful Prostate Surgery

A Panora resident Rickie Huitt has been awarded $12.25 million after the Polk County jury noticed that he underwent surgery wrongfully after he got misdiagnosed with cancer. Huitt claimed the major operation has left him unable to control his bladder when he goes to the bathroom due to the side effects of the surgery, and his marital relationship has also been affected.

Huawei Smartphone P30 Pro Launched To Attract Fitness And Health Enthusiasts

Huawei, a leading Chinese smartphone brand finally revealed the most awaited P30 Pro model at a global launch event. There is a new feature in this P30 Pro model that can amaze fitness enthusiasts. There were two more watches newly launched by the company namely more luxury Watch GT and the sporty Watch GT Active.

Dialysis Research: Lab-Grown Blood Vessels Might Help

Patients with end-stage kidney disease have to undergo dialysis treatment periodically. Some researchers and enterprises are experimenting to improve the process of dialysis by new techniques. Recently, a team of researchers from Humacyte Inc., Duke University and Yale says that they are close to making use of alternate method of dialysis i.e. bioengineered blood vessels technique.

CDC Says HIV People Accounting For 40% of Total Transmissions

In the US, there is a need of removing shortfalls present in the HIV testing and Treatments. The delay in diagnosing HIV or not receiving proper treatment is increasing the transmission rate of HIV rapidly. ART therapy reduces the risks of transmitting HIV to others.

Mumps Outbreak Reported On the University Of Arkansas Campus

The Arkansas Department of Health has reported that there has been a major mumps outbreak on the campus of the University of Arkansas. Health officials reported nine mumps cases at the university during the fall 2019 semester. More than 300 students were found to had their first dose of MMR vaccine.

Why U.S. Is Facing A Surge In STD Cases?

In 2018, the number of sexually transmitted disease (STD) cases has significantly increased in the United States. Health officials have identified a few factors responsible for causing the surge in STDs, such as lack of access to health care, poor public health infrastructure, poverty, drug use, the stigma of STDs, and a decline in condom use.

Deadly EEE Virus Confirmed in Poconos, Pennsylvania

Health officials in Pennsylvania have confirmed a deadly virus Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE) in Monroe and Carbon Counties. The virus has been found in a pheasant and two horses, which can spread through mosquitoes in birds, animals, and humans. EEE is a rare but deadly virus that causes inflammation of the brain called encephalitis.

Michigan State Bans Flavored E-Cigarettes

Michigan has become the first state to announce a ban on the sale of flavored e-cigarettes after the state’s health department found that vaping has been declared as an epidemic and more and more young people getting affecting by vaping. Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer ordered the ban on Tuesday, which has been implemented since Wednesday.

Legionnaires’ Outbreak at Sheraton Atlanta Hotel Leaves One Dead

Deadly Legionnaires’ outbreak at the Sheraton Atlanta Hotel has left one person dead and 12 others sickened. However, attorney Chris Stewart said that more people might have been exposed to the disease, causing a nationwide problem. Public health officials are investigating 75 cases, of which, 12 are confirmed and others are suspected.

HSA Warns People Not To Buy ‘Skinny Lolita’ and ‘Xtreme Candy’

The Health Sciences Authority (HSA) issued a warning to the public against purchasing three so-called natural health products – such as Skinny Lolita, Xtreme Candy, and an unlabeled product – because they were found to contain prescription drugs. They may cause unwanted side effects if taken inappropriately.

Salmonella Outbreak: Long Beach Restaurant Shuts Down

A Long Beach restaurant, Brixx & Barley, has temporarily been shut down due to a potential salmonella outbreak, while health officials are investigating the outbreak and awaiting more test results. Salmonella is a foodborne disease and is typically transmitted during warmer months, causing symptoms such as cramping and diarrhea.

West Virginia Residents Leave Country In Search Of Cheap Insulin

High inulin prices in the United States have been affecting people with diabetes because they find it too expensive to afford. So, in search of cheaper insulin, a group of West Virginia residents has moved to Canada, where the insulin price is 10 ten times cheaper than the insulin price in America.

Cannabis Industry Dreams To Conquer European Market

The Cannabis industry, after controlling North America, has been trying to enter and conquer the European market despite strict regulations and ethical debates. A survey found that nearly half of the British population are in favor of legalizing marijuana for recreational purpose.

Young Athlete Successfully Undergoes Double-Lung Transplant Due to Vaping

A 17-year-old male patient has successfully undergone a double-lung transplant after he was found to have damaged lungs due to vaping. He was operated at Henry Ford Hospital on October 15. Before the surgery, he was on life support for a month. The doctors said he would have died if the surgery was not performed.

High Drug Prices Keeping Americans from Addressing Medical Issues

A survey from Gallup and West Health has found that more than 13 percent (nearly 34 million) Americans said that their family members or friends passed away in the last five years because they were not able to pay for their prescription drugs. The poll found that high drug prices are keeping Americans from addressing their health issues.

Statin Use Increases and Cholesterol Decreases among Americans

A new report published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology has found that statin use among Americans has increased and their cholesterol levels have decreased to a certain degree. The report found that a controversial change in 2013 guidelines seems to be paying off.

Nebraska Woman Gets Infected By A Rare Parasitic Eye Worm

A Nebraska woman is the second person to get infected by a rare parasite that infects the eyes. She was thought to contract the infection last year while running along a trail in California. She is not the first woman to get infected by rare parasitic eye worms. In 2016, an Oregon woman ended up having the same zoonotic disease.

Excessive Screen Time Use Greatly Affects Brain Development in Children

A new study has found that the MRI scans of children who are exposed to excessive screen time showed a poor brain development, particularly in the white matter that plays an important role in developing learning, language, and cognitive skills. Experts recommend limiting the use of screen time in children below 5 years.