Saturday, February 27, 2021

Hospitalized COVID Patients with Diabetes More Likely To Die Within 28 Days, Finds Study

A new French study has found that COVID patients with diabetes die within 28 days of hospitalization. The researchers of the study said at least 1 in every 5 diabetic patients with COVID-19 likely to die within a month. Diabetes is one of the biggest risk factors of serious COVID illness.

Obesity Is the Culprit in Over 50% of New Diabetes Cases, Finds Study

A new study, published in the Journal of American Heart Association, has found that obesity is the main culprit in more than 50% of new diabetes cases in the United States. A study, which reviewed two large papers, found that nearly 53% of new diabetes cases were associated with obesity.

Some Older People with Prediabetes Develop Full-Blown Type 2 Diabetes, Study

A new study has found that older people with prediabetes develop full-blown type 2 diabetes; however, that is not the case with younger and middle-aged people. Prediabetes is a potential indicator of full-blown diabetes risk and older adults are vulnerable to it.

Diabetics Should Have More Knowledge of Low Blood Sugar, Suggests Study

A new study by the researchers of John Hopkins University School of Medicine has suggested that doctors should start doing a better job by discussing hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) with their diabetic patients, especially those who are on insulin.

Nick Jonas Says Check Your Blood Sugar without Fingersticks in New Ad

In a new Dexcom Diabetes 2021 Super Bowl ad, Nick Jonas is seen asking why people are still pricking their fingers to monitor their blood sugar levels. In the ad, he introduces the Dexcom G6, a glucose monitoring system that checks your blood sugar without fingersticks.

Reversing Prediabetes May Lower Risk Of Stroke, Heart Attack and Death, Suggests Study

A new study has found that reversing diabetes may significantly lower the risk of stroke, heart attack, and death. The study found that those who reverted prediabetes had a 38% lower risk of heart attack, 28% lower risk of stroke, 18% lower risk of dying.

Children with Diabetes Can Still Enjoy All the Things, Says Pediatric Endocrinologist

New Jersey-based pediatric endocrinologist Dr. Santhosh Eapen has explained how to take care of a child with diabetes. He said it is challenging for parents with children who have diabetes, but it is manageable with extra support and care. He offered a few tips to parents so they can look after their kids who have diabetes.