Monday, July 22, 2024

Researchers Demonstrate Successful Type 1 Diabetes Treatment in Animal Study

A new study has demonstrated the successful use of type 1 diabetes treatment in an animal model. The study findings suggest that modifying the body’s immune system could help treat type 1 diabetes. The study was published in Science Advances.

Obese Children Are At Risk of Developing Type 1 Diabetes Later In Life

A new study has shown that obesity in childhood increases the risk of type 1 diabetes in later life, suggesting that childhood obesity is one of the potential reasons why there is an increased prevalence of type 1 diabetes. Also, the study found that childhood obesity also increases the risk of asthma, eczema, and hypothyroidism.

Entry of Cheaper Generic Versions of Jardiance and Tradjenta Temporarily Blocked In India

In India, the entry of cheaper versions of two commonly used diabetes medicines – Jardiance and Tradjenta – has been temporarily blocked, denying patients affordable drugs. Jardiance and Tradjenta are used to treat type 2 diabetes.

Remission of Type 2 Diabetes Possible For People with Lower BMIs

A new study has shown that type 2 diabetes remission is possible in some people with lower body max index (BMI). It showed that an astounding 70% of people with lower BMIs went into type 2 remission through diet-induced weight loss.

Metformin May Increase the Risk of Birth Defects, Finds Study

New research suggests that metformin, one of the widely-used type 2 diabetes drugs, may increase the risk of birth defects. The study found that metformin increased birth defect risk in the offspring of male patients who had taken the drug ahead of the babies being conceived.

Researchers Study How Diabetes Develops in Men and Women

A new paper by researchers at Concordia University has tried to understand how exactly diabetes develops in men and women. The researchers found that fat is stored in different places in men and women. Men store excess fat in the abdomen and abdominal fat is linked to diabetes.

Multiple Forces at Work to Reduce Insulin Prices

In recent months, there have been several strategies to bring down insulin prices, as people with diabetes are skipping their treatment because they are not able to afford the life-saving drug. Biden’s BB Act and Civica Rx could be two gam-changers in capping insulin price.