Sunday, July 21, 2019
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Medtronic has recalled its insulin pumps after finding that they could be hacked, altering the settings of the pumps that communicate with other devices such as blood glucose monitors and glucose sensor transmitters. Hackers can hijack the insulin pumps and alter their setting, making the user vulnerable to health implications.
According to a new study conducted on mice, deactivating an enzyme that is linked to ceramides has reversed prediabetes and improved metabolic function in obese mice, suggesting a drug target. With these promising findings, researchers are working on developing drugs that can help reverse prediabetes or even diabetes.
According to a new study, certain antidepressants can help reduce the risk of mortality in patients with diabetes and depression. It has been found that diabetes and depression are two major causes of early death. Most people with diabetes are prone to depression, which could decrease their life expectancy.
Acceding to some researchers, gestational diabetes is a family affair. Mothers with a history of gestational diabetes are known to pass on the conditions to fathers and children. With an awareness of the mother’s gestational diabetes, type 1 diabetes can be diagnosed earlier in children and teenagers.
UCLA bioengineers and a team of researchers have developed smart insulin, called i-insulin, to prevent hypoglycemia in patients who take insulin to manage their blood sugar levels. Hypoglycemia is one of the diabetic complications characterized by a decrease in blood sugar to a potentially dangerous level. However, the researchers said it will have to undergo clinical trials.
One of the popular blood sugar drugs called canagliflozin, sold under the brand name Invokana, has been found to significantly reduce the risk of kidney failure in people with type 2 diabetes. Also, the drug has already been prescribed to protect cardiovascular health in type 2 diabetics.
Medical marijuana has been legalized in some states. In fact, last year, the FDA recognized a new drug for epilepsy made from marijuana, which means it can be used medically. But, what about using medical marijuana in patients with diabetes. Researchers are not sure whether diabetics can actually use medical marijuana.