Monday, November 18, 2019
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A major international trial has found that high-risk patients with unstable heart disease can be treated well with medications along rather than invasive procedures such as stents and bypass surgeries. Researchers estimated that this could help save millions of dollars if asymptomatic patients forgo invasive procedures.
A new report has found that new superbugs are a real threat to people because they have become antibiotic-resistant and are killing at least one every 15 minutes. The CDC reported that more than 35,000 have been killed by drug-resistant superbugs. The CDC urged doctors to prescribe antibiotics only when absolutely needed.
A 17-year-old male patient has successfully undergone a double-lung transplant after he was found to have damaged lungs due to vaping. He was operated at Henry Ford Hospital on October 15. Before the surgery, he was on life support for a month. The doctors said he would have died if the surgery was not performed.
A survey from Gallup and West Health has found that more than 13 percent (nearly 34 million) Americans said that their family members or friends passed away in the last five years because they were not able to pay for their prescription drugs. The poll found that high drug prices are keeping Americans from addressing their health issues.
President Donald Trump took to Twitter to inform that he will be meeting vaping industry executives in order to tighten regulations on e-cigarettes amid ongoing vaping epidemic across the country. The CDC reported 2,051 confirmed cases of lung injury and 39 deaths related to vaping.
A new study has found that a commonly prescribed muscle relaxant called baclofen causes severe confusion and disorientation in patients with chronic kidney dysfunction (CKD). Sold under the brand name Lioresal, baclofen treats muscle pains and cramps. The study was published in JAMA.
Med Man Distribution has voluntarily recalled all lots of a libido supplement called UP2 because the FDA found that it might contain a prescription erectile dysfunction drug, sildenafil. Sildenafil may interact adversely with nitrates and lower the blood pressure to a potentially dangerous level.
According to a new report published in Annals of Medicine & Surgery, a 46-year-old man had to get an 8-inch screwdriver removed from his rectum after he inserted it a week ago. The screwdriver punctured a part of his large intestines. The man has been suffering from schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.
A new report published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology has found that statin use among Americans has increased and their cholesterol levels have decreased to a certain degree. The report found that a controversial change in 2013 guidelines seems to be paying off.
Miley Cyrus has recently been discharged from the hospital after undergoing vocal cord surgery. She has been advised to remain silence for a several weeks as part of her recovery process. Last month, she was reported to have undergone surgery for tonsillitis.