Saturday, January 29, 2022

justin thompson

justin thompson
Assistant Medical Writer Justin is an assistant writer with an academic background in the science, medical and healthcare. He is known for his ability to take complex medical or healthcare news and make them simple and clear to everyone. Justin loves a challenge and to explore new things, so, next, he took up the challenge of providing news and information through his writings. He joined My Healthy Click with experience writing health content for people in the specialist area of medical conditions and healthy living.


A flu vaccine based on nanoparticles, which is administered through the nose, has been found effective at offering stronger and long-lasting protection against infectious respiratory diseases like influenza. In animal studies, the nanoparticles-based vaccine offered robust immune protection.
A Zika vaccine candidate has shown promise in preventing the virus from passing from mother to fetus in preclinical studies. It has been found effective at preventing about 80% of fetal malformations. The vaccine-induced antibodies were capable of neutralizing the Zika virus in fetal blood samples eight days after infection.
In a conference call Wednesday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) told pharmacists to start giving the fourth dose of COVID vaccines to immunocompromised people. The updated guidance came a day after Kaiser reported that pharmacies were turning the immunocompromised away.
A new study has shown that the Omicron strain causes less severe disease than Delta because it is less effective at blocking interferon response, a cellular defense mechanism against viruses. The study also found that eight COVID drugs and experimental therapies are effective against Omicron.
A new study published last week in JAMA Pediatrics has found that school closures forced by the COVID pandemic have affected children’s physical and mental health. Researchers looked at studies from 11 countries and found that physical activity declined, and the rates of childhood obesity and depression increased.

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