Sunday, May 26, 2019

justin thompson

justin thompson
Assistant Medical Writer Justin is an assistant writer with an academic background in the science, medical and healthcare. He is known for his ability to take complex medical or healthcare news and make them simple and clear to everyone. Justin loves a challenge and to explore new things, so, next, he took up the challenge of providing news and information through his writings. He joined My Healthy Click with experience writing health content for people in the specialist area of medical conditions and healthy living.


Singer Billie Eilish recently got candid about her personal struggles with mental health in emotional PSA. She said she is still trying to figure it out on how to prioritize her mental health. She advised people to seek professional help when you are struggling with mental health issues, which could help in the right way.
Maine Senators Susan Collins has called for $100 million federal response in order to fight against tick-borne diseases. The senator explained that Lyme disease has become a major public health threat due to increase in the number of cases. It possess a great threat to the public and can seriously harm families and communities.
Maine has its first confirmed measles case on Monday, making it the 25th state of the United States affected by the worst measles outbreak so far. The CDC said the child who was diagnosed with measles has been vaccinated and has fully recovered from the illness. The officials warned people to get checked for measles for potential exposure in certain areas of Maine.
Public health officials declared hepatitis A outbreak in Pennsylvania on Monday after considering a surge in the cases. Among the counties that have experienced an outbreak, Philadelphia has been hit hard. The outbreak that was started in January 2018 has seen 171 cases so far, with 60% of them since January 2019.
The officials at the Massachusetts Department of Public Health has warned people who went to a seafood restaurant in Rockport called Roy Moore’s Fish Shack to seek medical attention due to a possible exposure to hepatitis A. One of the restaurant’s workers was found to have hepatitis A. Meanwhile, the DPH advised people to take precautionary measures to prevent the further spread.

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