Friday, May 7, 2021

justin thompson

justin thompson
Assistant Medical Writer Justin is an assistant writer with an academic background in the science, medical and healthcare. He is known for his ability to take complex medical or healthcare news and make them simple and clear to everyone. Justin loves a challenge and to explore new things, so, next, he took up the challenge of providing news and information through his writings. He joined My Healthy Click with experience writing health content for people in the specialist area of medical conditions and healthy living.


A new study has found that heavy drinking of sugar-sweetened beverages increases the risk of colorectal cancer in women under the age of 50. Also, the study found that the risk of colorectal cancer was relatively low among women who had milk and coffee.
Greater Sydney has once again imposed strict COVID-19 restrictions after a couple tested positive for the deadly virus. The restrictions have been imposed from 5.00 pm today, but the Premier of New South Wales has advised people to follow the restrictions as soon as they hear them.
A new study from the researchers of Syracuse University has found the role of CBD in pain management. The study found that CBD may help relieve pain due to a combination of its pharmacological effects and the patient’s expectancy of pain relief.
Generic vardenafil from India is much cheaper than Levitra when it comes to treating erectile dysfunction. Some of the generic vardenafil names manufactured by Indian companies include Filitra, Vilitra, Silvitra, Zhewitra, and Valif, which are 85% cheaper than Levitra.
On Tuesday’s episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Luke Bryan shared his COVID-19 experienced, revealing his symptoms. Last month, Bryan announced that he tested positive for COVID-19, which is why he had to sit out of American Idol judge studies until he recovered.

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