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About Us

My Healthy Click is an authoritative source covering American and international medical news for an online audience. It delivers editorial insights about enthralling medical topics such as health information exchange, patient education, patient engagement, population health, and many more. You will find news about recent healthcare and medical reform,
including archival health articles published in My Healthy Click.

My Healthy Click delivers:

  • The latest medical news, theories, and developments
  • Gripping stories and innovations in health and medicine
  • Healthcare issues and their impact on daily life
  • Cutting-edge medical technology and its relevance in our future
  • Thought-provoking medical and healthcare articles from passionate editors and writers

The mission of My Healthy Click is to be the first-choice source of medical news for millions of people across the globe. We work diligently to inspire, educate, and empower our online readers by providing concise, accurate and relevant information. We produce original, unique, timely, and relevant information from respected, credible resources.

Content is important to educate an audience of both medical professionals, patients, and consumers alike. Our editorial team provides medical/health news from evidence-based, peer-reviewed studies along with unbiased and informative content from drug regulatory bodies, governmental organizations, universities, medical societies, professional associations, patients’ support groups, and others.

We deliver relevant information in a precise and clear language so that people can understand what is going on in recent medical and healthcare development. We mainly focus on offering you problem-solving and simple content to help you understand complex subjects related to healthcare and medicine. 

My Healthy Click is a professionally managed healthcare informational website. We do not sell any services or products. We simply provide medical and health content free of