Sunday, May 26, 2019
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Health officials in five states have warned people, who are known to be infected by measles and planning to travel, from traveling and boarding planes. The officials would ask the government to place them a “Do Not Board” list to help combat the ongoing measles outbreak.
Maine Senators Susan Collins has called for $100 million federal response in order to fight against tick-borne diseases. The senator explained that Lyme disease has become a major public health threat due to increase in the number of cases. It possess a great threat to the public and can seriously harm families and communities.
On Monday, the WHO has branded the Ebola as the “public enemy number one” amid the ongoing outbreak. So far, it has killed more than 1,100 people. Community distrust and frequent violent attacks have affected the efforts to combat the outbreak. Violent insurgents have even destroyed Ebola medical centers, making things worse.
Amid salmonella outbreak that began earlier this year, the CDC has recommended avoiding kissing and snuggling backyard chickens and ducklings, which are the potential source of salmonella infection. A few days ago, the CDC held backyard poultry responsible for the current salmonella outbreak.
West Michigan public health officials have warned about the black-legged, deer ticks that can cause Lyme disease. The experts recommended people to protect themselves from the disease by getting checked for the ticks after spending time outdoors. The current temperatures allow the deer ticks to thrive, making you vulnerable to Lyme disease.