Sunday, July 21, 2019
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CDC health officials have warned that the current salmonella outbreak has been linked to coming in contact with pig ear dog treats. So far, 45 people in 13 states have been infected with salmonella after coming in contact with dog treats. No deaths have been reported; however, 12 people have been hospitalized.
Social media is often accused of affecting the mental health among teenagers. However, according to a new study, social media use can help improve mental health among adults. Researchers found that the use of social media could decrease the risk of psychological distress such as anxiety and depression.
Pfizer has announced that intravenous sildenafil (Revatio) added to inhaled nitric oxide in pediatric patients with persistent pulmonary hypertension did not meet its primary efficacy endpoint. The pharmaceutical giant announced the findings after considering the Phase 2 Study that assesses the safety and efficacy of the drug for pediatric PPHN.
Public health groups are urging federal agencies to add a new warning label to alcohol beverages, mentioning that alcohol consumption may cause cancer. The groups highlighted that Surgeon General 2016 report, which states that even one drink a day may increase the risk of breast cancer.
Researchers hope to wipe out HPV infection with a new vaccine, which includes a protein that triggered an immune response. The new vaccine can help get rid of cervical cancer by eliminating the HPV viruses that can cause it. Additional studies are before the new vaccine is considered for approval from the FDA.
To get enough funds to tackle the ongoing Ebola outbreak in DRC and neighboring regions, the WHO Director-General Dr. Tedros met some leaders from certain sectors to galvanize their commitment. He has urged political parties to join so that the outbreak can be fought effectively.
According to a new report by the CDC, travelers visiting Europe can bring not only memories but also new measles cases. The European countries have experienced a surge in measles cases, which is why CDC officials are recommending travelers to get vaccinated in order to prevent the infection.