Sunday, July 21, 2019

Karen Johnson

Karen Johnson
Karen has been writing for more than two decades and her work has been featured in various mediums, including newspapers, journals, digital magazines, and blogs. She went on to pursue a Doctorate in Physical Therapy. The rigorous nature of her doctoral candidacy proved to be extremely valuable to Karen as a way to refine her medical research skills and writing efficiency. As Medical News Editor, Karen leads a team of passionate writers and editors, who work collectively to bring you the latest medical news and information.


YouTuber Shane Dawson interviewed Eugenia Cooney, fellow vlogger, who talked about her eating disorder and rehab stint. She revealed that she had an eating disorder, which was taking a toll on her health. She underwent treatment and explained how she improved her eating habits at a rehab center.
Katrina Scott, personal trainer and fitness coach, has recently shared her photos on Instagram, revealing her postpartum weight loss journey. In her long Insta post, she explained how she lost weight after giving birth to her daughter Isabelle Margaret.
Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center have been testing a new treatment method to treat patients with pancreatic cancer and they found preliminary results promising. They inserted a catheter into a patient’s pancreases to bathe the tumor with cytotoxic agents. The patient was pleased with the results and is doing well.
According to new research, menstrual cups have found to be a safe and cost-effective alternative to tampons and pads. When compared with other widely used products, menstrual cups were found to provide almost the same level of protection against blood leakage, although there was a rare risk of toxic shock syndrome.
Medtronic has recalled its insulin pumps after finding that they could be hacked, altering the settings of the pumps that communicate with other devices such as blood glucose monitors and glucose sensor transmitters. Hackers can hijack the insulin pumps and alter their setting, making the user vulnerable to health implications.
Jack Higgins, the young Richmond player, has been hospitalized with a brain bleed after the VFL match against Werribee on Sunday. The Richmond Football Club, also called the Tigers, confirmed that he has been recovering well. Jack Higgins had a bit of headache after the game, prompting doctors to order scans, which revealed a brain bleed.
According to a new study, anorexia nervosa, an eating disorder, is more than just a mental health issue. Researchers found that people with anorexia nervosa have genetic mutations that are associated with psychiatric disorders as well as metabolism, suggesting new interventions for people with anorexia.

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