Friday, March 5, 2021

Flu Shot Less Effective in Obese or Overweight People

New research has found that people who are obese or overweight do not respond well to the flu vaccine, probably of their altered metabolism. Also, the research found that flu shot is less effective in older people, suggesting researchers to bring improvements in the flu vaccines so they are effective for all.

Cold or Flu? Knowing the Difference Is Important

There is some difference between the common cold and the flu and it is important to know about it. Although the same viruses are responsible for causing the flu and the cold, the former runs its course and can be more intense and severe, leading to complications, which is why officials recommend getting a flu shot.

Dog Flu: Is It Real? Does It Actually Exist?

Dog Flu Actually Exist
Scientists have found some types of flu, which can spread between animals, might actually mutate and spread from dogs or cats to humans. They also found that the strains are different from others and may spread quickly among humans, making vulnerable to canine flu.

CDC Predicts Bad Part of Flu Season Is Yet To Come

CDC officials have predicted that this year’s flu season is not over and the bad is yet to come, warning people to take precautionary measures by getting a flu shot. CDC says the flu is likely to increase in the next few weeks, making things worse. This grim prediction has recommended people to get flu shots and certain safety measures in order to prevent catching flu.