Saturday, July 31, 2021


NeNe Leakes has recently given an update on her husband Gregg Leakes’ health, revealing that he is out of the hospital after 6 weeks for the treatment related to his cancer. She said she was supposed to host The Talk but she got the news that Gregg was coming home after the cancer treatment.
New research has found that the cancer cells feed themselves to survive damage from life-threatening injuries. The study has explained that the malignant cells use a technique called macropinocytosis to repair the damage and to survive.
New research has found that Black American military veterans are less likely to get prostate cancer treatments, including surgery and radiation. The study also found that Black American patients are more likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer two years earlier than non-Black patients.
Generic drugs for breast cancer treatment and prevention include pharmacological agents belonging to chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, aromatase inhibitors, and targeted therapy. The FDA has approved the use of certain generic drugs for breast cancer treatment as well as prevention.
Valisure, the company that independently checks for impurities in medications before reaching users, analyzed around 300 sunscreen products and found that 78 products contained a potentially carcinogenic substance called benzene. It has urged the FDA to investigate and recall those products.
Love Island star Demi Jones has recently revealed to her fans that she has been diagnosed with thyroid cancer. In April, she said she had to undergo surgery to get the tumor removed from her neck. But recently, she took to Instagram Stories to open up about her thyroid cancer diagnosis.
A new study has found that people who are at higher genetic risk for colorectal cancer could benefit from leading a healthy lifestyle. In people with high genetic risk for colorectal cancer, maintaining a healthy lifestyle reduced the risk by nearly 40%.