Monday, November 18, 2019


A study conducted by the researchers from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and NASA has found that astronaut exercise programs could be useful in cancer patients who are recovering from treatments, such as chemotherapy, radiation, etc. The study was published in the journal Cell.
Patrick Dempsey, the Grey’s Anatomy star, has recently shared his joy from offering free quality care to patients impacted with cancer at Dempsey Center, which he established in 2008. He opened the center after his mother’s devastating battle with ovarian cancer in Maine.
Barry Du Bios, the Australian author and co-host of The Living Room, has revealed how he coping up with the cancer he has and how he has been rebuilding. He was diagnosed with multiple myeloma and underwent chemotherapy, surgery, radiation, and even stem cell transplant.
Betsey Johnson, 77, said she discovered a breast cancer lump after her implant deflated. Diagnosed in 1999 when mammograms were not so advanced to detect a lump around a breast implant, Johnson explained that the cancer was found to be hidden just behind the implant.
A new study has found that moderate to high-intensity cardiorespiratory fitness could reduce the risk of lung cancer incidence among former smokers. The study also found that it could reduce the overall lung cancer morbidity and mortality.
Vanderpump Rules’ actress Ariana Madix has recently shared a video on her Instagram and captioned it with a note that mentions her cancer diagnosis was the spookiest thing and now she is cancer-free for a year. She thanked her doctor for taking caring of her and pop singer Kim Petras for keeping her positive during treatment.
A new study has found that men who have higher levels of testosterone and a growth hormone called IGF-I are more likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer. The study looked at more than 20,000 cancer-free men and found that those who had higher levels of the two hormones developed prostate cancer.