Sunday, May 26, 2019


A new study published Wednesday in JNCI Cancer Spectrum has found that poor-diet is the chief cause behind thousands of cancer. Researchers found that cancer risk increased among people who had a low intake of vegetables, fruits, whole grain, and dairy products and a high intake of processed/red meats and sugary beverages.
According to a large and long-time study that was started back in 1993, low-fat diet and more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains reduced the risk of death from breast cancer in women. However, the exact link between the death from breast cancer and diet is unclear. There are several hypotheses from researchers.
According to a research team at the Cancer Center and Cancer Research Institute at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, broccoli contains a molecule that can help suppress the tumor growth in humans by inactivating a gene that plays a vital role in developing a variety of cancers.
The Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee is studying and looking for ways to combat racial disparities in cancer deaths. The researchers found that the factors responsible for cancer disparities in African Americans include a poor diet, lifestyle, income, and stress. The college is also looking at breast cancer, colorectal cancer, and smoking.
Megan DiDio, who is 22 now, had to visit a dermatologist in 2018 to get a mole checked. Her dermatologist said it looked fine but she was not convinced and asked her doctor to get a biopsy done. Five weeks later, her dermatologist called and said it was melanoma. She underwent surgery in September and is cancer-free now.