Monday, November 18, 2019

Cindy Harper

Cindy Harper
News Writer With the educational background in English and Creative Writing, Cindy is extremely curious about mental health, fitness, nutrition, and wellness. She is an avid writer and passionate about medical research. She delivers high-quality, reliable, relevant information to readers. Before joining My Healthy Click, she worked as a freelance medical content writer for several websites. Through her education in the life sciences, Cindy learned top-notch research skills along with the ability to connect with the reader.


A study conducted by the researchers of Intermountain Healthcare Heart Institute has found that patients who undergo cardiac catheterization can increase their longevity by practicing intermittent fasting. The study also found that patients practicing intermittent fasting are less likely to suffer from heart failure.
Researchers found that an Australian fruit called Finger Limes contain ‘citrus caviar,’ which has anti-aging power. The flesh of the fruit contains pearl-like moisture balls that keep your skin smoother, softer, and suppler, getting rid of wrinkles. A new face cream containing finger limes is set to hit the UK market.
The new obsession of Silicon Valley called Dopamine Fasting has been trending in which people are staying away from things that bring pleasure or trigger a strong dopamine release. However, there is no scientific evidence to prove that dopamine fasting works.
Also called purple rice, black rice has been in the news for good reason. Loaded with a variety of anthocyanins (antioxidants), black rice has been found effective at boosting cardiovascular health and eye health. It is known to have improved antioxidant activity and anti-inflammatory activity, preventing certain cancers.
Many celebrities have touted fad diets, including the keto diet, as a quick way to lose weight. However, is the keto diet good for heart health? While many fitness coaches are against the keto diet, some believe that it is good for heart health if you choose good sources of fat, with some caution.

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