Sunday, July 21, 2019

Cindy Harper

Cindy Harper
News Writer With the educational background in English and Creative Writing, Cindy is extremely curious about mental health, fitness, nutrition, and wellness. She is an avid writer and passionate about medical research. She delivers high-quality, reliable, relevant information to readers. Before joining My Healthy Click, she worked as a freelance medical content writer for several websites. Through her education in the life sciences, Cindy learned top-notch research skills along with the ability to connect with the reader.


Victoria Anna, one of the fitness influencers, wants to take a break from trying to get pregnant. She has undergone a few procedures and treatments to conceive but all in vain. So, now, she and her husband have decided to take a break from all the stress and pressure before taking the next step.
Miguel Maestre revealed that the Mediterranean diet is his secret to staying well. He said he is quite old school when it comes to diet. The famous Australian chef said he does what he loves to keep himself energized and sees the positive in every negative. He also credits his workouts to stay healthy.
Blaze Pizza has rolled out the first Keto Diet Pizza that contains only six grams of carbs. Along with Keto Pizza, the fast-casual pizza chain rolled out Protein Pizza, Vegan Pizza, and Vegetarian Pizza. These new crusts will be serving as the bases for the “Life Mode” Pizzas.
Recently, the five-time Wimbledon winner, Novak Djokovic, said that he follows a plant-based diet that helps him recover faster. However, he does not like using the word “vegan” because of the misinterpretations and misuse of labels. He is very passionate about his eating habits and credits a plant-based diet for his success in Wimbledon 2019.
According to researchers, people with type 2 diabetes can include a superfood native to Central America, called chia seeds, in their diet to control their blood sugar levels. However, it is important to seek medical advice before making any changes in your diet. The NHS advises people to also get some exercise in order to keep their blood sugar under control.
Jessie J has recently revealed about following a vegan diet that has helped her to manage chronic pain from fertility issues. She eliminated meat from her diet and then went completely vegan. She was told by her doctors that she needs to have her uterus removed if she could not handle pain; however, with a vegan diet, she has been managing the pain.
Burger King is now trying to attract consumers by selling tacos at $1 for a limited period. However, it is not selling tacos $1 in Alaska and Hawaii. This new marketing strategy has been implemented after Burger King tasting the success by doing well in the western states.

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