NanoMedicine, a Taiwanese health tech and biomedicine company, has announced a groundbreaking nanotech-based solution, giving old drugs new life in order to treat cancer, according to PR Newswire.

Most cancer patients do not benefit from current clinical cancer therapies due to drug resistance. Around 90% of chemotherapy treatment failures occur during cancer invasion and metastasis associated with drug resistance. However, Acura may just have the solution to this problem with its novel anti-cancer drug called AN-845 – an innovative amalgamation of two old, generic drugs.

The company says AN-845 acts as a “nuclear warhead,” calling it a super-effective anti-cancer drug.

Acura scientists have found that AN-845 can completely block the growth of chemo-resistant pancreatic cancer in living animals. In addition, they found that the compound can overcome drug resistance and restore the efficacy of failed drugs. Furthermore, the scientists found that AN-845 generates a synergistic anti-cancer effect to maximize therapeutic outcomes.

Apart from pancreatic cancer, Acura is applying AN-845 to treat liver cancer, colon cancer, glioblastoma (an aggressive type of cancer that can occur in the brain or spinal cord), among others.

It can follow two fast-track regulations: 505(b)(2) and orphan drug. These two aspects made the development of this active pharmaceutical ingredient low-cost and fast, requiring under three years for clinical development.

Brian Hsu, CEO, President, and Co-founder of Acura NanoMedicine, said, “The company has expanded today’s nanomedicine landscape and is committed to developing safe, effective, and affordable medicines to treat cancers.”

“Going beyond what is available, Acura NanoMedicine Inc.’s NanoJDAN can deliver mRNA to specific tissues without complex storage conditions,” he added. “Making it an effective tool for performing next-generation gene therapy.”

The company says AN-845 has great potential to treat multiple cancers. Its NanoJDAN platform can also be applied to multiple biomedical applications such as targeted cancer therapy, immuno-cellular therapy, and gene therapy, according to PR Newswire.

Acura is looking to collaborate with other companies to license out and co-develop the drug.

Launched in July 2017, Acura is an award-winning health tech and biomedicine company. It has a team of multi-faceted scientists specializing in biotechnology, medical science, chemical engineering, and nanotechnology. The company’s AN-845 drug has, so far, shown great potential in treating different types of drug-resistant cancers, including triple-negative breast cancer.