Jamaican women who often face difficulties in achieving orgasm, a condition called anorgasmia, have been asking for a sexual boost injection called “O Shot,” which has been found to offer magical orgasm shots.

Prosurgicare Services Limited, a Jamaican Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery practice dedicated to delivering first-class medical services, has been marketing O Shot injection.

Dr. Jan Hochtritt, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon of Prosurgicare, said he and his team have received many queries since the product was introduced to his office about a couple of months ago.

He said, “The demand is kind of hard to see now because we are just starting it, but we have been getting a lot of queries about it.”

“The O Shot is an all-natural, painless non-surgical procedure that rejuvenates and revitalizes vaginal and clitoral function,” he added.

Dr. Hochtritt explained that O Shot involves injecting platelets into the clitoris, labia, and G-spot. The platelets are a blood substance that contains healing proteins known as growth factors. These blood cells are extracted from the patients’ blood.

The procedure is quite simple. Patients will be “ready and through the door” with an in an hour of injecting O Shot.

“The injection is placed in the clitoral part of the vagina and it simulates the tissue in that area,” said Dr. Hochtritt.

“It greatly helps with women who have a hard time reaching an orgasm, and it is also used for hair loss treatment and rejuvenation. It can also help to decrease urinary incontinence,” he added.

However, this sexual booster comes with a hefty price tag of $100,000.

Dr. Hochtritt explained this magical orgasm shot is also beneficial to men with erectile dysfunction, a sexual condition in which attaining and sustaining an erection becomes difficult.

The plastic surgeon also explained that the injection is quite safe because all of its components are natural.

Dr. Hochtritt added the effects of O Shot are experienced as soon as it is injected.

“I don’t really know how much of that is psychological or how much of it is verifiable, but the effect is there,” he said.

“We see a lot of females who are between 25 to 40 showing an interest in the procedure. For the men, the shot is given in a section of the penis as well but the area is numb so it is painless for both sexes.” The article was published online in St. Lucia News.