Ariana Madix Says She Is Cancer-Free Now

“Officially the spookiest thing i’ve ever experienced!”


Ariana Madix, the star of Vanderpump Rules, was seen celebrating one year of being cancer-free.

In her latest Instagram post, the 34-year-old shared a video of herself in which she is seen in a hospital gown last year. She captioned the post, “I’ve been debating posting this for so long but whatever! i’m doing it.”

“Officially the spookiest thing i’ve ever experienced! a year ago, i wasnt able to celebrate my favorite holiday bc i had just undergone surgery for melanoma,” continued Madix. “Being told that cancer was living rent free on my body for years was scarier than any 80s slasher movie.”

She thanked her doctor for taking care of her and expressed gratitude for Kim Petras whose music kept her positive while she was undergoing treatment.

She concluded. “Moral of the story: if you’re unsure of something on your body, GET CHECKED and then GET CHECKED AGAIN!”

In January, responding to fans about her procedure, Madiz said, “When you raise concerns with a doctor, be persistent … They told me I was fine for years.”

Last year, Madix revealed her diagnosis with cancer with a lengthy Instagram post and reflected how it affected her.

At the time, she wrote, “I had to have a lil bit o’cancer removed from my body and lymph nodes biopsied.”

She added, “2018 was a year full of huge moments that were unplanned. Lifelong dreams fulfilled and unexpected hardships overcome.” “So much progress was made on my many goals and ambitions, but I’ve had to learn the same lessons in life over and over: Intense ambition is one of my best qualities BUT when it becomes overwhelming to have so many goals, I need to take a step back and just focus on one thing,” she continued. “Even if an issue won’t be solved right away, talking about it ALWAYS sends it on a path to resolution and healing.”