Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, said it is easy to solve the COVID pandemic than climate change.

He said solving climate change would be “the most amazing thing humanity has ever done,” by comparison, ending the pandemic is “very, very easy.”

Gates’ new book, called How to Avoid a Climate Disaster, is a guide to tackling global warming, according to BBC.

He told Justin Rowlatt, Chief Environment Correspondent, “Don’t underestimate the scale of the challenge. We’ve never made a transition like we’re talking about doing in the next 30 years. There is no precedent for this.”

Gates has been focusing on how technology can help us solve climate change. He said, “Renewable sources like wind and solar can help us decarbonize electricity but that’s less than 30% of total emissions.”

“We are also going to have to decarbonize the other 70% of the world economy – steel, cement, transport systems, fertilizer production, and much, much more. We simply don’t have ways of doing that at the moment for many of these sectors.”

Gates argued that the answer will be an innovation effort on a scale the world has never seen before, which has to start with governments.

“Right now, you don’t see the pain you’re causing as you emit carbon dioxide,” Gates said. “We need to have price signals to tell the private sector that we want green products.”

That is where governments need to step in, he argued, and allow the market for new products and technologies to grow, helping drive down prices.

Gates said he has always supported “the basic role of government in terms of roads and justice and education and scientific research.” To know more about what Gates said on climate change and COVID pandemic, read the article titled ‘Bill Gates: Solving Covid easy compared with climate’ published Monday on BBC.