Brittany Undergoes Removal of ‘Double Stacked’ Breast Implants

    “You go to the implant company inserts…it specifically says, ‘Do not stack implants.’”


    For Brittany, double stacked breast implants have been proven to be extremely troublesome than they actually worth.

    Brittany, who appeared on Botched, told the hosts, Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif, “It’s been 10 months since my surgery, and in more ways than one, I am still paying the price for these boobs.”

    She revealed the long-lasting complications of undergoing a “double” breast augmentation procedure, which included the symptoms of headaches and neck pain, along with remarkable misshapenness and discomfort.

    She continued, “I want the opportunity to redo this mistake.” She knew she needs a follow-up surgery to control and repair the damage.

    She recollected, “I wanted to go 1,300 cc’s. Usually, manufacturing companies do not develop breast implants size larger than 800 cc’s and even plastic surgeons do not recommend it.

    Unfortunately, after five to six unsuccessful consults, Brittany found one plastic surgeon who took her dangerous request. Her doctor suggested to surgically double stack her breast implants, two on each side, to meet her requirements.

    Dr. Dubrow said, “You go to the implant company inserts…it specifically says, ‘Do not stack implants.’” However, he was happy to help her get to smaller breast size. He also explained the set of consequences she may experience after undergoing the knife once again.

    Dr. Dubrow told Brittany, “We can take them all out, put a new pair in and do some kind of lifting procedure, which means scars.”

    Responding to Dr. Dubrow, Brittany said, “I know it may be necessary to have scars in order to come out better than I came in. But that scares me a lot. Because I just feel like I won’t see my breasts as beautiful anymore.”

    Just before completing the procedure, Dr. Dubrow said, “Although I could probably give Brittany a little more of a lift by doing a vertical incision, knowing that she really doesn’t want a scar there, it’s not worth it, It’s probably a better idea to leave good enough alone.” After 10 weeks of operation, the new revamped look of Brittany has restored some self-confidence. She said, “I feel amazing. I look a million times better and I can definitely tell that [the implants are] actually where they’re supposed to sit. They look wonderful now.”