Cameron Mathison Is Now Cancer-Free After Kidney Surgery

“The recovery has been great, the surgery went really well, the prognosis is very optimistic.”


After attending the American Humane Hero Dog Awards in Beverly Hills, Hallmark Channel host, Cameron Mathison, shared on Instagram that he successfully underwent kidney cancer surgery in September.

He posted a photo with his wife, Vanessa, and wrote, “First night out post surgery at the American Humane Hero Dog Awards… Grateful to be feeling so strong and have this incredible woman by my side… #herodogawards2019 #hallmarkchannel #cancerfree.”

Mathison said in an interview with Extra, “I’m feeling really, really well. It’s three weeks out of surgery and I honestly didn’t even think I would be feeling up to coming here. The recovery has been great, the surgery went really well, the prognosis is very optimistic.”

On September 10, he revealed that he had kidney cancer, or renal cell carcinoma.

On September 18, the former “All My Children” star underwent partial nephrectomy, a surgery in which his doctors remove a tumor by taking out some portion of his kidney.

“They removed the tumor on my right kidney and in doing so they removed part of the kidney itself and left the majority of it, and when they did the pathology report and they checked the margins around the tumor, all of that was free and clear of cancer and that led them to believe that all the cancer was out and gone,” explained Mathison. “The cancer has not spread … so I am cancer free.”

The Canadian-American actor recalled that he underwent MRI after experiencing pains in the stomach and learned that the kidney tumor had been growing for several years.

He told the outlet, “I’ll get goosebumps. I get teary talking about it, but Vanessa’s dad passed away from cancer … I would hear that maybe at that time he wasn’t as much of an advocate for his own health.” Vanessa added, “He wasn’t proactive,”

Referring to his father-in-law’s death, Mathison said, “That helped me, kind of motivated me to stay on top of it. I knew my energy was low, I knew these tests didn’t make sense … I knew something was up. Really listen to your body, be an advocate.”

A couple of days after the surgery, Mathison took to Instagram to announce that the surgery went very well.

Along with a photo of him and his children, he wrote, “The tumor is gone and I even got to keep 80% of my kidney ?. We are all optimistic.” “Feeling loved and supported by my family and friends, including each and every one of you,” he wrote. “I’ve been very overwhelmed and so grateful for all of the supportive comments and prayers.”