Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott has undergone surgery for a compound fracture and dislocation of his right ankle.

He picked up the injury on a 9-yard run while being tackled by New York Giants defensive back Logan Ryan.

Prescott had to leave the field, with his right leg in an air cast, on a cart, and in tears. He was immediately taken to a local hospital for surgery to clean out the wound and repair the fracture. The procedure went “very well,” according to a source told to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

The source also said Dan Cooper, Cowboys head team orthopedist, brought in Gene Curry, a renowned foot and ankle doctor, to do the surgery.

Another source told ESPN’s Todd Archer that the Cowboys quarterback would require four to six months to recover from the surgery.

Calling the injury heartbreaking, Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones said, “I know this young man very well. I know the personal hardship and strife that he has faced, dealt with, and overcome in his young life.”

“And I know of no one who is more prepared, from the perspective of mental and emotional toughness and determination than Dak Prescott to respond and recover from this challenge that has been put in front of him,” Jones continued.

“He is an inspiration to everyone he touches. He has all of our love and support. And we have no doubt that he will return to the position of leadership and purpose that he brings to our team.”

Prescott’s best friend Ezekiel Elliott said, “It sucks. Yeah, it sucks. I know we won; it just sucks to lose Dak, our leader. And I was talking to the guys and it’s going to take all of us. It’s going to take all of us to fill that void that we’re going to be missing from 4. Just gotta go out there and play for him.”

Ryan said he felt terrible about Prescott’s injury, stating, “First and foremost, the worst thing that happened today was the Dak injury, it’s bigger than football. I feel terrible, it was a routine football play.”

“You’ve got a guy, and I am in a similar position, he is scratching and clawing at one year on his deal to try and get rewarded, try to do the right thing, try to show up to work, try to lead his team, try to get a lucrative contract,” Rya continued. “He had to come out and prove it this year, so for him to get this type of injury, that’s why I feel like Dak — I hope he gets $500 million when he comes back. He deserves it. He is a hell of a quarterback.”