CVS Offering Heart Health Screening at Zero Cost in February

CVS offering free Heart Health Screening for Americans every Thursday in February at their retail clinic known as MinuteClinic.

CVS Offering free Heart Screening

CVS is committed to create healthy communities and now they are offering heart health screenings free of cost at their retail clinic known as MinuteClinic. These screenings will be done on every Thursday in February month and it includes Valentine’s Day too. Locations can be found at CVS pharmacy.

One can visit MinuteClinic on Thursdays i.e. February 7, 14, 21, and 28 to get benefits of zero cost heart backed by TYLENOL. The purpose behind these screenings is to make people aware about major factors for heart health which includes HDL (good) cholesterol, total cholesterol, blood sugar, blood pressure and BMI (body mass index).

MinuteClinic is an affordable and convenient place for many Americans from so many years. Also, MinuteClinics are easily reachable as they are within 10 miles for many Americans.

They also announced extended support to American Heart Association’s Go Red for the female campaign with a new 3 year, $15 million promise to life-saving cardiovascular education and research. CVS pharmacy consumers can also help by donating a small amount in stores.

As per the American Heart Association, around 80 percent of heart-related happenings can be prevented by creating awareness among women. Still, women are not aware of their health numbers which are critical to determining heart health risks.

To get benefits of free screening, one has to download the voucher from Print a copy and bring it with you to scan at the MinuteClinic registration kiosk. Alternatively, one can use cell phone to show the voucher to the provider after you register at the kiosk.