Monday, January 27, 2020
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Google Works With Walmart and CVS to Offer Same-Day Photo and Canvas Prints

Walmart and CVS already offer same-day photo printing, but the new feature will make it much easier to do so.


Google offers a photo sharing and storage app called Google Photos that provides free, unlimited backup for your photos. It has variety of features that help organize your photos into albums. The tech giant has also been testing a new feature called “Photo Frames” to show curated albums on your smart displays.

Since 2017, Google Photos has given us the option to create as well as order physical photo books. But now, it is expanding its features to offer photo prints as well as canvas prints. By updating the latest version of Google Photos, Google has been planning to work with Walmart and CVS to offer same-day pickup for your photo prints and canvas prints.

However, these options are not yet live in Google Photos 4.24. They are most likely to appear with “Photo Books” in the menu, which  is more likely to be renamed “Print Store.”

Walmart and CVS already deliver same-day photo printing; however, the new features will make it much more convenient and easy to do so.

Once the new Google Photos feature goes live, the “Photo Books” option will be updated to “Print Shop,” with the description “Photo Books, Prints, and Canvases.”

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When you select the “Photo Books, Prints, and Canvases” option, you will be able to print photos and get them on the same day from your nearest Walmart or CVS store.

You also have the option to change the pick-up contact if you want your friend or family member to pick up the photos, but you can do that before placing the order. Please note that the delivery time will depend on the store. Although Google Photos will be able to tell whether you need to contact the store to know when the photo prints are ready, the app will notify you with an estimated time range of the delivery of the prints.