The Health Sciences Authority (HSA), a statutory board under the Ministry of Health of the Singapore Government, has warned people about using three products tainted harmful substances, with one product containing an erectile dysfunction drug called nortadalafil, a close cousin of tadalafil (Cialis).

The officials have warned the public about using three products containing nortadalafil that can cause low blood pressure or even a heart attack.

In a press release, the HSA said the products – Coco Curv, Choco Fit, and Hamer Candy – are sold online. One of the products is tainted with erectile dysfunction (ED) drug nortadalafil, which could increase cardiovascular risk if taken with certain drugs.

Coco Curv was marketed as a slimming product, which was reported to the HSA by a woman who had purchased it in Malaysia. The product was promoted as an effective remedy for burning fats and calories, boosting energy and metabolism, and controlling carbohydrate craving.

Choco Fit, also marketed as a slimming product, was found to contain harmful substances while investigating Coco Curv.

The HSA officials revealed that both Coco Curv and Choco Fit contains sibutramine, a weight-loss drug that was banned in Singapore since 2010 due to an increased risk of strokes and heart attacks.

Another product Hamer Candy was found to be tainted with a prescription ED drug nortadalafil, which is closely related to tadalafil. Nortadalafil may increase the risk of low blood pressure if taken along with nitrates or alpha-blockers.

The HSA had warned people about Hamer Candy in 2018 and Choco Fit in 2019, promoting the officials to take down the products from websites.

However, the two products resurfaced online with new packaging, “a common tactic used by manufacturers to evade detection and entice consumers,” the HSA said.

The officials said the three products were sold online on platforms such as Shopee and Qoo10. They were also sold on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. The HSA has told the e-commerce and social media platforms to remove the products from their listings.