IKEA Launched a Live TV Channel for Australians Who Can’t Fall Asleep

    “We’re very excited to launch what could be the least exciting TV channel Aussie’s have ever seen.”


    Well, we all know how important sleep is and how sleep deprivation can affect one’s life.

    In an attempt to help Australians to fall asleep and get quality sleep, Swedish furniture chain, IKEA, has launched a live-streamed ‘Slow TV Channel.’

    Earlier this year, IKEA helped people to get less moody and groggy by releasing IKEA Sleep Podcast.

    Slow TV Channel includes the soothing sound of waves softly crashing against the stern of the ship in association with the narration of the nautical journey by the hosts of IKEA Sleep Podcast – Kent and Sara Eriksson. The footage has been live-streamed on YouTube as well.

    Ryan Burman, Country Commercial Activity Leader for IKEA Australia, said, “We’re very excited to launch what could be the least exciting TV channel Aussie’s have ever seen. We know that 1 in 4 Aussies struggle with their sleep, so we hope that the rhythmic, monotonous content of the Slow TV channel helps quieten the day, and get the mind and body ready for bed.”

    Burman said IKEA wants to create a better sleep environment for Aussies to fall asleep.

    “For all the night owls and Slow TV fans, tune in, kick back and let the dulcet Swedish voices put you in the mood for a great sleep,” added Burman. “As experts in life at home, we want to inspire the many Australians to create the best sleep environment so they can feel refreshed and recharged to get ready for life.”

    The live-streamed footage will run for 336 hours from September 12 through 26, ending at the opening of IKEA Festival of Sleep, which will run from September 26 through October 7. According to IKEA, Festival of Sleep is designed to help customers get quality sleep; it will feature in-store workshops, special offers, guest speakers, competitions, along with exciting activities.