The National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA), an Indian government regulatory agency that controls the prices of drugs, has fixed the ceiling prices for 12 generic medicines used for the treatment of diabetes, according to Financial Express Health Care.

This NPPA’s move is to make diabetic treatment affordable in India.

The generic medicines for diabetes include glimepiride tablets, glucose injection, and intermediate-acting insulin solution.

The agency tweeted, “To make it possible for every Indian to afford medical treatment against diseases like diabetes, NPPA has initiated a successful step by fixing the ceiling prices of 12 anti-diabetic generic medicines.”

The price control covers glimepiride 1 mg and 2 mg, insulin (soluble) injection 40IU/ml, and glucose injection 25%.

In addition, the drugs include 1 ml of intermediate-acting (NPH) solution insulin injection of strength 40 IU/ml and 1 ml of premix insulin 30:70 injection (regular NPH) injection of strength 40 IU/ml.

Furthermore, metformin immediate-release tablets of all strengths have been fixed to the lowest possible price.

In September, the Indian government reduced the prices of nearly 40 widely used medicines, amending the National List of Essential Medicines. Some of those drugs include antiviral, antiretroviral, antibacterial, cancer drugs, diabetes drugs, and tuberculosis drugs.

The NPPA was constituted as an independent drug regulator through the Government of India Resolution as an attached office of the Department of Pharmaceuticals (DoP) under the Union Ministry of Chemicals & Fertilizers for pricing of drugs. The story was published in Financial Express Health Care.