Monday, April 19, 2021
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Iowa Officials Warn Residents About A Contagious Disease In Dogs That Can Pass To Humans

The Iowa Department of Public Health said the disease is most common in kennels and breeding facilities.


Iowa public health officials are warning residents about a disease that can be transferred from dogs to humans.

The state veterinarian Dr. Jeff Kaisand said that there have confirmed several cases of a disease called “Canine Brucellosis” that is coming from a small-dog breeding facility in Marion County, Iowa.

The Iowa Department of Public Health said that sickness affects only dogs and humans.

On Friday, the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship said in a news release, “We are in the process of notifying the individuals who have custody of the exposed dogs. Both the animals and the facilities are quarantined while the dogs undergo clinical testing.”

This zoonotic bacterial disease is contagious and can be transmitted from dogs to humans or other types of animals. The infection is known to spread through reproductive fluids.

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According to public health officials, the signs of Canine Brucellosis in dogs include infertility, stillbirths, and spontaneous abortions. Humans may have symptoms such as fever, increased perspiration, a headache, joint pain, and fatigue.

Dr. Kaisand said, “Those who have recently acquired a small dog from Marion County should get their pet tested.” Pet owners and people who encounter the animals are recommended washing their hands on a regular basis.

The Friday news release also read, “The threat to most pet owners is considered very low. Dog breeders, veterinary staff and anyone who comes in contact with blood, tissues and fluids during the birthing process may be at higher risk and should consult their primary care physician.”

An Iowa-based animal adoption service, A De Soto, posted on Facebook on Friday about the contagious disease. The post stated, “Last Saturday, we purchased 32 dogs at an auction. All of the dogs we purchased are being tested and currently quarantined at our facility with biosecurity measures in place to prevent any possible exposure to other dogs or people. We have not received any results yet.”

The post also stated, “The shelter is closing for the next month. This is just one more reason to ADOPT and not SHOP! Please pray for our sweet babies that were finally getting the chance to have a happy life.”