Jillian Michaels Takes A Dig At CrossFit, Fans Hesitate

Jillian Michaels, the famous American personal trainer, takes a dig at a popular exercise regimen called CrossFit after recently slamming the keto diet.

Jillian Michaels crossFit Fans Hesitate

Jillian Michaels is not someone who shies away from strong opinions on provocative topics. She recently slammed the keto diet, explaining that the keto diet is not good and should not be followed.

The famous American personal trainer’s latest issue is on ‘CrossFit.’ USA Today has reported that last years, the 44-year-old from Los Angeles recorded a short video for the magazine, Shape. However, the magazine posted the video on its site in December, which did not get much attention until Shape reposted the video on Instagram on Thursday. Since then, there has been some repulse.

In the video clip, Jillian railed against the supposed hyper-focusing of CrossFit on power through speed and strength, noting that it features “maybe 20 to 25 movements that do not really vary” and that it does not really challenge the body from various angles of push and pull. Instead, she recommends looking for a workout regimen with more balance, including those that feature more endurance and agility training.

Michaels says, “Keep your training more holistic by hitting all modalities of fitness.”

There is one type of exercise that irks her, which she says will make so many people pissed off. That exercise would be kipping pull-up, which relies too much on momentum to complete various exercise moves.

She says, “Where I come from that’s called cheating, using momentum to do a repetition.”

While she has some supporters in the Instagram comments, many are hesitant. One of the fans commented, “As someone who is a health professional … @jillianmichaels is just taking a shot at @CrossFit, without having any basis for her argument. She’s doing this for the sake of trying to be relevant.”