Miranda McKeon has undergone breast cancer surgery and is staying positive as she tackles the most important part of her treatment.

The 19-year-old was diagnosed with breast cancer in June after finding a lump in her chest, spending the following months undergoing treatment, from intensive chemotherapy to a double mastectomy in November.

Last week, the ‘Anne with an E’ actress shared a “life update” as she prepared for a second surgery to deal with her lymph nodes.

In a video posted on Instagram, McKeon said, “There’s just been tons of back and forth this month and a lot of emotions. I think I’ve probably cried every day.”

She showed off her previously bald head and said how excited she is to have some hair coming in again.

McKeon said, “Honestly guys, going through this process, you will not believe how excited I get over the tiniest bit of growth. I’m rocking a pretty tight buzz cut right now and I’m so happy about it. It just feels great. I’m not saying I look in the mirror and recognize myself, or feel spectacular, but I am happy about it.”

She also showed off her chest after her double mastectomy, adding, “I love the outcome, dare I say, better than before?”

McKeon then said she is Houston to undergo another surgery at MD Anderson Cancer Center. She said, “I had two positive lymph nodes; they took four lymph nodes out. And I had a positive margin in the breast area, which is kind of common when the tumor is right up against the skin. And I had two positive lymph nodes biopsied at the beginning of this, so we already knew they were there.”

“Basically, I decided to have all of my lymph nodes removed,” she continued, “and I’m going to take out a piece of skin down here,” pointing to the side of her left breast.

McKeon said once she is done with that surgery, she will “probably be able to sleep really well knowing that everything’s gone for the rest of my life.” However, she said she is disappointed about how this unexpected surgery pushed back her plans to return to the University of Southern California for the spring semester.