Actress and comedian Niecy Nash shared some surprising news on Monday, announcing she and singer Jessica Betts are now married.

Nash, 50, posted a photo with Betts on Instagram and Twitter with a caption, “Mrs. Carol Denise Betts” and the hashtag #LoveWins.

In the photo, the couple, both dressed in white, joyously hold hands at an outdoor wedding ceremony.

The Claws actress wore a white lace gown, while Betts dressed in a cream suit with no jacket.

Celebrating their new nuptials, Betts captioned in her own post, “I got a whole Wife @niecynash1 #Bestofbothworlds #LoveWins.”

Nash, who is known for her performances in the TC shows Claws and Reno 911, also posted another photo on her Instagram story, captioning, “#PlotTwist” with a rainbow emoji.

However, it is unclear when the wedding ceremony took place.

The marriage announcement is the first time Nash has come out publicly as part of the LGBTQ community, according to the Los Angeles Times and Out magazine

The news has come less than a year after Nash announced that she and husband, Jay Tucker, were divorcing.

In another Instagram post on Monday, Betts shared her 2018 love song “Catch Me,” writing “C A U G H T” with a ring emoji.

Several celebrities commented on Nash’s post, sharing their congratulations and excitement.

Halle Berry wrote, “YASSSSSS!!!!!. Bless this beautiful union!!”

Taraji P. Henson wrote that she was “so happy” for Nash.

Director Ava DuVernay wrote, “May God bless your beautiful union! Love you!” “You look GORGEOUS!” wrote Mindy Kaling. “Congratulations!! So much love to you both!”