Vaping These Flavored Liquids May Increase Cardiovascular Risk

Researchers found that flavored liquids containing menthol and cinnamon were particularly harmful than other flavors.

Vaping flavors cause health damage

According to a new study conducted by the researchers of Stanford University School of Medicine, vaping flavored nicotine or non-nicotine liquids may increase the risk of cardiovascular risk by causing substantial damage to the endothelial cells present in the blood vessels.

The negative effects were based on flavors used in the liquids and some of the most popular flavors were found to be extremely harmful, according to the study.

The use of electronic cigarette and its potential impact on long-term health remains controversial, while some advocated reacting strongly against any notion that vaping might be risky. In spite of that backlash, there has been strong evidence showing the risk of multiple health issues associated with vaping, such as wheezing and possibly heart disease.

Many studies have found that the flavors used in many e-cigs are the potential cause of concern. Vaping unflavored liquid has been found to cause minimal, temporary changes in the user’s lungs; however, a number of flavors used in these liquids have also been linked to inflammation and other serious health issues.

In the recent study, researchers found that cinnamon and menthol were particularly harmful when compared with other popular flavors, and they were also associated with endothelial cell damage.

Dr. Joseph Wu of the Stanford University School of Medicine said, “When we exposed the cells to six different flavors of e-liquid with varying levels of nicotine, we saw significant damage.”

The study particular involved exposing the endothelial cells that are present in the interior part of the blood vessels. These cells play an important role in overall cardiovascular and heart health.

The team of researchers found that the most popular favors might be causing significant damage to the endothelial cells, which include:

  • Cinnamon
  • Menthol
  • Sweet butterscotch
  • Sweet tobacco with caramel and vanilla flavors
  • Fruit
  • Tobacco

Cinnamon and menthol were considered ‘particular damaging’ and the other flavors were described as ‘moderately toxic’ to the endothelial cells.

Vaping these liquid flavorings decreased the endothelial cell viability even though they had no nicotine. Also, exposure to these favored liquids increased the risk of programmed cell death and DNA damage. The researchers also found that cinnamon, caramel, and vanilla flavors enhanced the uptake of LDL and lipids, while vanilla and caramel negatively affected the growth of new cells.