Vilitra Is The New Version Of Generic Levitra. Is It Safe?

Vardenafil is the active drug composition in both Levitra and Vilitra.


Over the past decade, generic prescription drugs have saved Americans more than $1.7 trillion. According to a few reports, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved more than 700 new generic prescription drugs in 2018, including generic versions of popular impotence drugs Levitra and Cialis.

Older men who have erectile dysfunction (ED) are the biggest purchasers of generic ED drugs because they are on a fixed income and have to take their medications. And men who have been prescribed Levitra (vardenafil) for their ED issue, it becomes a bit tough because of the drug’s high price. So they leave no stone unturned in finding the right generic version of Levitra.

There are a few generics available and Vilitra is one of them, which is produced and marketed by an Indian pharmaceutical company, Centurion Laboratories.

Vilitra and Levitra are equally effective when it comes to treating erectile dysfunction because they contain the same active ingredient – vardenafil. The only major difference is the cost. Vilitra is much, much cheaper than Levitra.

However, this leads to an important question – Is Vilitra safe? If a drug manufacturer follows the strict rules and regulations laid by the FDA, the answer is yes.

The FDA relies on the “honor system” with overseas manufacturers. More than 80 percent of the active drugs and 40 percent of the generic drugs used by Americans are manufactured overseas. And Vilitra, which is manufactured in India, is one such medicine that has been found to be used by most men who are affected by high Levitra price.

Typically, Vilitra has been found as effective as Levitra and is distributed across the globe at a price cheaper than its branded counterpart is. So, it is safe for most men. However, like Levitra, Vilitra is unsafe for men who take nitrates, alpha-blockers, or protease inhibitors (HIV drugs), and men with cardiovascular risk.

On the flipside, there are many generics that are not approved or manufacturer under poor quality standards. Most times, patients taking prescription ED drugs are vulnerable. They should never be subjected to low-quality generic medications that can make their health worse. Therefore, it is important to check the place where you buy Vilitra online. Most websites are fake and sell generic drugs that contain harmful or toxic elements. So, look for a regulated website and then make a purchase. It is imperative to check with your doctor first.