Saturday, December 7, 2019
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Withings Launches BPM Core Blood Pressure Monitor with ECG and Stethoscope, Collaborates with Apple Health

“BPM Core can be used to take blood pressure, ECG, and stethoscope readings in one sitting in less than two minutes.”


In January, Withings, a French electronics company, announced the launch of BPM Core Blood Pressure Monitor at CES. Recently, the company has released a new health device with the functionality of ECG and stethoscope in Europe.

Withings has also launched the new BPM Connect in the United States, which is a blood pressure monitoring device to check readings without using a smartphone.

The BPM blood pressure monitors work with Health Mate app developed by Withings, which can share data with Apple’s Health app, to monitor and organize all your health and activity data through your supported devices in one place.

BPM Core

The company has called BPM Core the “world’s most advanced at-home cardiovascular monitor.”

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Like Apple Watch Series 4, Withings’ BPM Core ECG readings can warn users about atrial fibrillation (AFib) or irregular heart rhythms. Earlier this year, a study found that Apple watches can help detect heart conditions.

The new device can also measure and record stethoscope readings.

BPM Core can take your blood pressure, ECG, and stethoscope readings in one sitting within 90 seconds.

The device displays heart rate, blood pressure and ECG readings, along with AFib detection via an LED matrix, which are transmitted to the Health Mate app. It can potentially detect a heart valve disease. You can share all measurements and records with your physician and cardiologist.

BPM Core has a rechargeable battery that can be powered up by a micro USB port.

BPM Core has been approved and is now available in Europe through Withings’ website,, and Apple Stores. It costs €249.95 or £229.95. However, it is scheduled for a U.S. release in Q3 this year, waiting for its approval.

BPM Connect

BPM Connect is the successor to Withings’ blood pressure monitor. This new device makes it easier for people to use without their iPhone nearby.=

Here’s how Withings describes its new blood pressure monitoring device:

“Unlike its predecessor, BPM Connect doesn’t require users to have their smartphone or any other smart device around to view and interpret the results. Readings are displayed directly on the BPM Connect via an LED matrix. Additionally, data from the readings will sync with the accompanying Health Mate app via Bluetooth or WiFi, even when a device is not nearby. Sharing a design feature with Withings BPM Core, BPM Connect’s display also provides color-coded feedback glowing green for normal, orange for moderate and red for high blood pressure.” BPM Connect is available now in the U.S. and Europe through Withings’ website,, and Apple Stores, costing at $99.95 or €99.95 or £89.95.