70 Percent of Americans Believe Health Care Is In a State Of Crisis

Seven in 10 Americans believe the U.S. health care system is in a state of crisis or has major problems, according to a recent Gallup poll.


Seventy percent of Americans identified that the current U.S. health care system has major problems and is in a state of crisis, considering a recent Gallup poll.

Seven in 10 Americans believe the health care system is not doing well and has major issues. Gallup polled a random sample of above 1,000 adults across all the 50 states and the District of Columbia from November 1 to 11.

In 2017, approximately 71 percent believed the same. The figure was pretty consistent in the range of 65 percent and 73 percent in all but one poll since Gallup asked the question in 1994 for the first time.

In the poll, which was conducted soon after the 9/11 attacks in 2001, 49 percent of Americans said the U.S. health care system was in crisis and has major problems. And this was because of their major concerns about terrorism post 9/11 attacks, which might have monetarily changed their views and behaviors on various health care issues.

Although the range from 2001 to 2018 has been between 65 percent and 73 percent, the views of Democrats and Republicans have changed within that period of time. There are differences of opinion among them. 84 percent of Democrats reckon the U.S. health care system is in great trouble, a figure that is high when compared with the figures in 2007 and 2009.

Six in seven Democrats have negative views on the health care system.

56 percent of Republicans think the same. Between 2001 and 2009, during the Republican President George W. Bush administration, Republicans were less concerned about the U.S health care system. However, their concern increased in 2010 after passing the health care law of former President Barack Obama. In 2012, Republicans had more concerns than Democrats, which persisted during the Obama’s second term.

When Republican President Donald Trump took up the administration in 2017, the roles reversed and Democrats felt worse about the health care system than Republicans did.

Despite the dingy opinion Americans have on the health care system, 55 percent believe the quality of health care is good. 34 percent feel positive about U.S. health care coverage, while only 20 percent feel the same about the health care costs.

The bottom line is it is difficult to imagine any changes in the U.S. health care system anytime soon, barring any major advances in healthcare reform.