Amanda Seyfried has recently opened up about the challenges she faced during her most recent delivery.

Sharing new details with PEOPLE, the 35-year-old actress said, “I had something that went wrong with my second birth. The baby was okay but it was tricky and it was painful and it didn’t have to happen, and it did so it added an extra level of trauma.”

Seyfried also shares daughter Nina, 4, with husband Thomas Sadoski, 45. In September, the couple announced the birth of their second child in a statement to INARA and War Child USA.

At the time, they said, “Since the birth of our daughter 3 years ago our commitment to the innocent children that are so brutally affected by conflict and war has been a driving force in our lives. With the birth of our son the work of INARA and War Child has become our North Star.”

Seyfried also told PEOPLE how they look after their two children while grappling with her own spinal challenges. She said, “You just do. At that point, I’m very freshly out of the hospital, I had to feed him, my husband was with my daughter and I had people that could drive me back to the hospital.”

The Mamma Mia! actress shared the challenges of delivering a child, which include the abrupt cessation of regular health care visits and multiple medical invoices while recovering.

She said, “I went to the doctor every week at the end of my pregnancy, and all of sudden it’s like, ‘Bye, here’s some hospital bills!’ I mean, I kept receiving them and I’m still healing from something. I’m okay. It was a very physical thing and it was a spinal thing, but I’m okay.”

In 2016, Seyfried told Allure about taking OCD medicine, stating, “Yeah. I’m on Lexapro, and I’ll never get off of it. I’ve been on it since I was 19.”

The actress went on to say she took care of her to prevent postpartum depression. “I was terrified of suffering from postpartum depression,” she said. “I ended up doing a lot of CBT therapy before I had my first kid and then I was really lucky, I didn’t suffer from any depression and I felt like I had won in some way.”

“It was hard, and it was so hard, the struggle, but it wasn’t anything I didn’t think I could handle,” she added. “And with my second kid, that’s partly because I was on my medication and I never got off of it.”