Monday, July 22, 2019
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YouTuber Shane Dawson interviewed Eugenia Cooney, fellow vlogger, who talked about her eating disorder and rehab stint. She revealed that she had an eating disorder, which was taking a toll on her health. She underwent treatment and explained how she improved her eating habits at a rehab center.
Katrina Scott, personal trainer and fitness coach, has recently shared her photos on Instagram, revealing her postpartum weight loss journey. In her long Insta post, she explained how she lost weight after giving birth to her daughter Isabelle Margaret.
Victoria Anna, one of the fitness influencers, wants to take a break from trying to get pregnant. She has undergone a few procedures and treatments to conceive but all in vain. So, now, she and her husband have decided to take a break from all the stress and pressure before taking the next step.
Katy Perry has revealed that she gets enemas to stay young because she believes that getting enemas is an ancient remedy to stay young. However, one expert said that there is no scientific evidence to support the benefits of getting enemas. In fact, enemas could cause harm or increase the risk of a colon infection.
Tamela Mann posted a video on her and her husband’s Instagram account, reaching out to the fans and family for prayers because she was hospitalized for a double knee replacement surgery. People have been sending up prayers for Tamela for her successful surgery and wishing her full recovery.
Recently, singer Grimes has discussed her daily regimen plan on her Instagram account. She revealed that she underwent experimental surgery that included the removal of part of her eyeball to cure her seasonal depression. She said her training is a 360 approach and follows her daily regimen regularly.
In a recent interview with BBC Radio, Cheryl Cole revealed that has been a victim of anxiety and suffered in silence at the height of her fame. She said although she was putting on a façade, she was actually drying inside and did not seek therapy. However, after giving birth to her son, she decided to seek help and undergo mental health therapy.