August Alsina Hospitalized After Losing His Ability to Walk

“My autoimmune disease is raging, but I'm fighting this thing…..”

August Alsina Hospitalized Losing Ability to Walk

On Monday, Singer August Alsina revealed that he has been hospitalized after losing his ability to walk through a video himself lying in a hospital bed on Instagram.

His video clip began, “Hi guys, it’s me. As you can probably tell, I’m in the hospital. So, here’s the stitch: I woke up one day and wasn’t able to walk. I couldn’t feel my legs and my doctor ended up admitting me into the hospital.”

He added, “We’re doing a bunch of tests and they’re saying I have some nerve damage going on throughout my body. It’s like my immune system went on vacation. So, I’m just waiting on it to come back and we can get together and it can do what it do, man.”

In spite of his debilitating condition, he managed to make the situation light and told his fans that he got a new car.

He then showed his hospital walker and said, “It’s getting me from point A to point B, you understand me!”

The 26-year-old singer explained that his hospitalization has forced him to miss his performance at Essence Festival in New Orleans over the weekend.

He wrote, “I take my career & your time very seriously & the fact that you guys show up for me, endlessly. Means the world! I’m man down right now, & figured I should share.”

“My autoimmune disease is raging, but I’m fighting this thing & on my mission to shake back & be able to make it up to you!”

The singer added, “I got so much NEW NEW to share w/ you!!!..& Big Love to give.”

In 2017, Alsina revealed that he has an autoimmune disease that affects his liver.

At that time, Alsina posted on Instagram, “I’m sicker than ever & having a hard time accepting what I feel & what the doctors are saying is most true.” In 2014, the “No Love” singer terrified fans when he collapsed while performing on stage in New York. In 2015, he revealed that he had to undergo eye surgery because he had an eye disease that was making him go blind.