Bethenny Frankel has recently revealed that she had a “medical emergency” after accidentally eating fish

The 51-year-old Real Housewives of New York alum revealed Sunday on social media that she had an allergic reaction the night before while out to dinner with her 11-year-old daughter, Bryn, during an international trip.

Frankel informed the server that she was “deathly allergic to fish,” but said she was accidentally served another person’s food that had fish.

She explained on TikTok about her “medical emergency,” which traumatized her daughter. She said, “We realized too late and it was a crisis.”

Sharing the incident on her Instagram Story, Frankel said she sensed something was off when she began digging into her dish.

She recalled, “I started eating something in front of me that was a vegetable roll, and it just looks different. And I then asked a server — who was scared to tell me what was in it — and I got very serious, [saying] ‘What is in this?’ And in fact, it was fish.”

Frankel’s outing with her daughter suddenly turned into a late-night medical emergency that required her to receive multiple shots, which “concerned and worried” Bryn.

The entrepreneur told the camera, “It’s just a lot of responsibility for her to feel to think about having to administer an EpiPen.”

On Sunday, Frankel wrote on Twitter, “My girl being terrified while I slept was the worst part but she’s learning to be safe & prepared in how to act in a crisis.”

“Plus I have the platform to remind people to be cautious & have a med plan when traveling,” she added. “Always have 1 point person’s info that responds at all times.”

This was Frankel’s second incident of allergic reaction. The TV personality has had severe allergic reactions to fish in 2018, which left her in the ICU for two days.

She further wrote on Twitter, “If you have severe food allergies, please carry your epi pen & an antihistamine with you. Even if you explicitly state a deathly allergy & order something vegan, mistakes can happen.”

In her TikTok video, she urged people with severe food allergies to keep their EpiPens with them at all times, no matter what.

She said, “Those crazy purses that I’m sure many of you cutie pies have are small for an epi-pen, but you must bring it with you. Over-protect yourself.”

Frankel wrote on Twitter, “Life is precious….that’s all I know.”

She also highlighted the importance of having “a thorough medical plan” before traveling with a severe allergy. She said on Instagram, “It sounds like that nerd mom, but you need to know where hospitals are and what doctor’s on-site.”