Cardi B has denied rumors that she underwent plastic surgery after delivering her second child in early September, according to PEOPLE.

The 28-year-old rapper addressed the rumors on her Instagram Story after making her post-baby red carpet debut on Tuesday at Paris Fashion Week.

She said, “Right now, I got some amazing hips due to my gorgeous son because he was sitting so low. You know when your baby is low, your hips spread. But everybody’s just like, ‘Cardi, you so snatched. What do you do? You did lipo? You had a tummy tuck?’”

Cardi said she has not undergone any plastic surgery, revealing that she cannot have it after her “crazy ass delivery.”

She said, “You cannot do surgery after you give birth, especially me. I lost so much blood, guys.”

Cardi then showed her body in the mirror, as she got ready for an event, wearing a bustier and sweatpants.

“I like to be real with you guys, and that’s because my skin is still loose,” she added. “I still got a little pouchy pouch right here,” adding that she has “back fat” and that “my face is still so fat and my neck, but f— it.”

Cardi went on to encourage other new moms not to worry about their post-baby bodies. She said, “Take your f—ing time. It’s really hard dealing with kids, especially when you do two kids after you give birth.:

However, she said she feeling good about herself, adding “But anyways, yes, I look snatched. Especially when I take these paparazzi pics.”

In June 2019, Cardi swore off plastic surgery after welcoming her first child, daughter Kulture Kiari, and getting liposuction and a breast augmentation less than a year later.

She had initially denied that she underwent any surgeries, but owned up to it as she does not “like lying about things.” She also wanted people to understand that surgery is not an instant fix.

She said, “Like when you see somebody that had lipo you think that they just go into the doctor’s and like boop, you come out and you look amazing, and it’s actually like a very long process, recovery. It actually takes like a little bit more than three or four months.”

At the time, Cardi had to deal with some surgery complications because she immediately rushed back to perform. Her doctors told her to take two weeks off to fully recover.

Cardi said at the time during an Instagram Live, “You know, I hate canceling shows because I love money. I’m a money addict, and I get paid a lot of money, a lot of money for these shows … like I’m canceling millions of dollars in shows.”

“But like, health is wealth, so I have to do what I have to do,” she added. “My breasts gotta f—ing heal, and it is what it is.”