Celebrity Trainer Alec Penix Infuses Spirituality in Exercise and Nutrition

“You can use exercise as a tool to bring awareness to your thoughts, to the way your body feels.”


Alec Penix, who is a personal trainer to some of the famous TV stars, has revealed that he tries to achieve fitness goals through spirituality.

In one of his videos, he is seen training his client Jay Schwartz and explaining to him how he wants him to do pushups. Penix says, “You have to have your butt up in the air.” Schwartz, who is recovering from surgery, responds, “I don’t like that one” in frustration.

Penix has a unique way of training people and achieving fitness goals. He creates a lifestyle using spirituality.

He says, “Exercise is like a meditative process. You can use exercise as a tool to bring awareness to your thoughts, to the way your body feels.”

Penix has been training for nearly 13 years and his clients include celebrates such as Derek Hough, Big Time Rush, and Gabby Douglas.

Before introducing spirituality to his training methods, Penix felt that he was missing something in spite of his career success. He says, “I didn’t really believe in myself, however I still had the courage enough to walk in to some of these opportunities even though I didn’t really believe I could do it.”

He wanted to dig deep and find out what he was missing. So, he chose the path of spirituality by following the Christian faith and wrote a book called Seven Sundays, which includes a daily guide on using spirituality in your lifestyle.

Penix says, “It’s really about taking one workout at a time and building upon that.”

Gradually, his faith has evolved and he started infusing spirituality in his daily practice and work. He starts his day with meditation. He says, “It’s the foundation of healing it’s the foundation of happiness and joy.”

Penix is seen using his spiritual tools to ease off Schwartz’s frustration. He says, “Just like improving yourself in the weight room getting stronger, you can also improve that relationship in the way you talk to yourself, right?”

Schwartz responds, “Yes.” As the session progresses, Schwartz is seen more confident.

Penix asks him, “Do you feel like you’re getting more momentum?” Schwartz responds, “Oh yeah, definitely now that I’m back into it, absolutely.” Looking more confident, Schwartz says, “When you are comfortable enough to have a conversation about what is going on and have a trust there you’re working out and you’re talking and it’s like therapy.”