Sunday, September 20, 2020

Marathon Training Could Reduce Arterial Stiffening, a Key Component of Aging

A study has found that marathon training could help reduce arterial stiffening, which is one of the key components of the aging process. It has also been found that marathon running reduces high blood pressure, preventing the risk of cardiovascular events.

Researchers Study New Protein That Could Harness the Benefits of Exercise

Michigan researchers have found that a naturally occurring protein called Sestrin could help you to harness the benefits of a workout without actually exercising. They found that Sestrin could help people with muscle wasting and muscle atrophy caused by aging and other medical conditions.

Fitness Coach Peter O’Reilly Explains the Effects of Alcohol on Muscle Building

Fitness coach Peter O’Reilly referred to the findings of three studies and explained how much alcohol could actually affect your muscles. After reviewing the results of the study, he suggested that moderate drinking is fine but bringing is not because alcohol may affect muscle recovery and cause soreness.

Master These Top Exercises to Strengthen Your Buttocks

Personal trainer Chris Santo advises mastering a few simple exercises to strengthen and tighten your glutes. The exercises include deadlift squats, elevated bridge, and lateral step-up for beginners. One can do 15 reps in each set, with less or no rest in between the sets.

Celebrity Trainer Alec Penix Infuses Spirituality in Exercise and Nutrition

Alex Penix, who is a personal trainer for several celebrities, says that he uses spirituality in order to achieve fitness goals. He says he infuses faith into exercise and nutrition for a balanced physical and mental health. He starts his day with meditation, explaining it as a foundation of healing, happiness and joy.

Ryan Seacrest Trains Hard To Stay in Shape

Ryan Seacrest is a very busy man because he has to look after hosting a number of TV shows. But still, he loves to exercise and trains hard to stay in shape. He says he focuses more on the gym because the more he works out, the more energetic he feels and remains active throughout the day.

Want To Burn More Fat? Exercise before Breakfast

A new study has found that exercising before breakfast burns more fat than exercising after breakfast. The study explained that your body uses up stored carbs for energy and when that exhausts, your body uses up fat cells if you exercise before breakfast. Also, it has found that your body muscles respond well to insulin.