President Donald Trump is spreading a “mental health pandemic” that is making the ongoing coronavirus outbreak worse, according to Yale Psychiatrist Dr. Brandy Lee.

She said the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and Trump’s irrational cult is a deadly combination.

Leading mental health experts have repeatedly warned that Trump is mentally unfit to the extreme. In fact, he has repeatedly shown that he is a pathological liar, malignant narcissist, and delusional fabulist.

The experts claim that Trump is detached from reality and often seems to live in his own fantasy world. He has also been described as sociopathic for his lack of care, empathy, and concern.

Summarizing the deadly synergy between Trump and coronavirus pandemic, the author of the Advocate, John Casey, said, “As this crisis deteriorates, becomes unmanageable and inexplicably horrible, so will Trump’s behavior.”

“A perfect storm that will unravel an unprepared, unrelatable, and unsympathetic president,” he added. “A fairy tale turned into the horror of all horror stories.”

The ongoing pandemic is the greatest public health threat, which has affected human civilization.

Millions of people may die from the virus. The global economy is facing a big crisis. Globally, the virus has affected 479,868 and killed 21,577 so far. In the United States, officials have reported 68,573 cases and 1,036 deaths so far.

To combat this deadly virus, we need patience and wise leadership that is based on facts, reasons, and expertise. It cannot be tackled by praying away or magical thinking. One needs good overall mental health, temperament, values, and intelligence in such situations. And Trump is existentially ill-equipped to handle such situations and defeat the coronavirus pandemic.

Dr. Lee is among a few mental health experts who have warned Americans the world that Trump’s presidency would lead to a disaster.

She is a professor of psychiatry at the Yale University School of Medicine and the editor of the bestselling book “The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump.”

In a conversation with Salon, Dr. Lee explained that the pressures of the pandemic are making Trump’s various mental issues worse and even more dangerous.

Dr. Lee shared her views and said he is creating a “mental health pandemic” among his cult members, which is making the ongoing coronavirus outbreak even more lethal. She argued that Trump is the most dangerous person on the planet and expressed her concerns that he may use the pandemic to ignite mass violence so that he can stay in power permanently.