Thursday, August 13, 2020

Expert Explains How Iowa Great Lakes Region Has Become a Coronavirus Hotspot

In an article published on Vox, Dr. Emily Mendenhall, a medical anthropologist, has explained why and how the Iowa Great Lakes region become a coronavirus hotspot. She said many people are not scared of the virus and others believe that God will take care of them if it is their time to go.

Top Democrats Slam Trump’s Executive Actions on COVID-19 Relief

Top Democrats, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, have criticized President Donald Trump’s actions on coronavirus relief, calling them unconstitutional and way off base. Pelosi said Trump is undermining Medicare and Social Security by his actions, which could affect every American. Globally, the virus has affected more than 20 million and killed over 734,000, with the United States officials reporting more than 5 million cases and over 165,000 deaths.

Electric Cooker Is an Effective Way to Sanitize N95 Masks, Suggests Study

A new study has found an easy and convenient method of sanitizing N95 masks. The study found that an electric cooker decontaminated N95 masks more efficiently than a UV ray. The study researchers sanitized N95 masks in a single cycle of the electric cooker for 50 minutes.

Drug Used To Treat Alcoholism Can Be Used To Treat COVID-19 Infection

A team of Russian chemists has found that disulfiram, a drug used to treat alcoholism, and neratinib, a breast cancer drug, can be used to treat COVID-19, the infection caused by the new coronavirus. The chemists conducted a study on these drugs to see whether they can be used to treat coronavirus.

Erectile Dysfunction Drug Aviptadil Shows Promise in Treating COVID-19 Patients

A new modified version of erectile dysfunction drug has been found effective at treating COVID-19 patients, according to a small pharmaceutical company NeuroRx. The drug called aviptadil is usually given along with phentolamine to treat erectile dysfunction in men.

Big Brother Kicks Off With Extra Precautions and Care Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Big Brother Season 22 has kicked off with star castmates, crew, and production house people taking extra precautions amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Big Brother host Julie Chen Moonves said the castmates have been quarantined leading up to the premier.

Regeneron Says Its Antibody-Drug Cocktail Shows Promise In Treating COVID-19

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals has announced promising results of its COVID-19 antibody-drug cocktail called REGN-COV-2. The company said REGN-COV-2 has been found effective at treating and preventing COVID-19 in rhesus monkeys and hamsters, suggesting it could work for humans as well.