Saturday, January 29, 2022
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Coronavirus Live News and Updates

A Zika vaccine candidate has shown promise in preventing the virus from passing from mother to fetus in preclinical studies. It has been found effective at preventing about 80% of fetal malformations. The vaccine-induced antibodies were capable of neutralizing the Zika virus in fetal blood samples eight days after infection.
In a conference call Wednesday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) told pharmacists to start giving the fourth dose of COVID vaccines to immunocompromised people. The updated guidance came a day after Kaiser reported that pharmacies were turning the immunocompromised away.
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has rescinded the approval of COVID monoclonal antibody treatments developed by Regeneron and Eli Lilly. The agency found these treatments ineffective against Omicron, which now accounts for more than 99% of cases in the United States.
A new study has shown that the Omicron strain causes less severe disease than Delta because it is less effective at blocking interferon response, a cellular defense mechanism against viruses. The study also found that eight COVID drugs and experimental therapies are effective against Omicron.
Dr. Hans Kluge, WHO Regional Director for Europe, said Omicron has moved the COVID pandemic into a new phase, explaining that it could come to an end in Europe. He said it is possible that Europe is moving towards a kind of COVID pandemic “endgame.”
The Medicines Patent Pool (MPP), which is an UN-backed organization, said Thursday that it has made deals with over two dozen drug companies to manufacture generic molnupiravir pills. These agreements will help supply the medicine to more than 100 developing nations.
A new study has found that the two-dose Sinovac vaccine, used by millions of people in 48 different countries, is not enough to combat the infection caused by Omicron. The study found that the antibody protection induced by two doses and a booster of Sinovac was not enough against Omicron.