Darryl Lynn Hughley, an American actor, political commentator, radio host, author, and stand-up comedian, announced that he tested positive for COVID-19, the infection caused by the new coronavirus after passing out on stage during a show in Nashville.

The 57-year-old was suffering from exhaustion after working and traveling during the week, according to publicist Yvette Shearer.

He was taken to Nashville’s Saint Thomas Hospital the night after he collapsed.

Hughley, who is best known as the original host of BET’s ComicView from 1992-1993, took to his Instagram account to reveal that has been diagnosed with COVID-19 after a series of tests were performed.

Hughley said in the post, “I was what they call asymptomatic. I didn’t have flu-like symptoms, I didn’t have shortness of breath, I didn’t have difficulty breathing, I didn’t have a cough, I didn’t have a low-grade fever.”

“I still don’t have a fever,” he added. “I didn’t have a loss of smell or taste, apparently I just lost consciousness.”

Hughley said he will be going back to his hotel room to quarantine for 14 days after getting discharged from the hospital.

He said, “Well thank you for your prayers and your well wishes and a few more of them wouldn’t hurt, so hopefully I won’t develop symptoms. Maybe this is as bad as it gets.”

Hughley is also known for his eponymous character on the ABC/UPN sitcom “The Hughleys” and as one of the “Big Four” comedians in The Original Kings of Comedy.

Globally, COVID-19 has affected more than 9.1 million people and killed over 474,000. In the United States, the virus had sickened more than 2.3 million and killed over 122,000 people so far.