As the number of coronavirus cases continues to rise, Elon Musk has announced that he will have 1,200 ventilators delivered this week.

Last week, the CEO of SpaceX and Tesla offered to start manufacturing ventilators for patients with COVID-19 if need be.

Doctors and politicians have urged him to do so because many hospitals across the nation will face shortages of breathing machines during the ongoing pandemic.

Musk said both SpaceX and Tesla are well suited to make ventilators. SpaceX engineers developed a life-support system for Crew Dragon astronaut taxi and Tesla car features heating, ventilation and, air conditioning system.

The 48-year-old has been discussing with Medtronic, a company that develops a wide range of medical devices, to develop ventilators.

On March 21, Musk tweeted, “Just had a long engineering discussion with Medtronic about state-of-the-art ventilators. Very impressive team!”  Musk said in a tweet on Saturday (March 21). (Medtronic builds and sells a variety of medical devices.)

Companies, including Tesla, have been doing well and were given green light to manufacture ventilators.

Musk also said that his companies’ manufacturing efforts might not bear fruit in time to overcome the coming shortages. However, on Sunday, he said that he would start delivering a lot of breathing machines very soon.

The entrepreneur tweeted, “We expect to have over ~1,200 [ventilators] to distribute this week. Getting them delivered, installed & operating is the harder part.”

In addition, Musk has been trying to help hospitals that deal with the outbreak in some other ways. He told CleanTechnica that his companies would soon start distributing 250,000 N95 masks that can help medical professionals to stay safe during the pandemic.

Musk has also offered a piece of advice during the outbreak using Twitter. He said that people who get panicked about the coronavirus could end up being worse than COVID-19 itself.