EMS Training: Australian Woman Loses 48 Pounds

“I went from clothing size 22 to 14 doing EMS training once a week.”


Sally Suttle dropped more than 48 pounds – thanks to the latest Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology at SpeedFit, a fitness program that combines a personal trainer and EMS in Australia.

Sally always used to put on weight even after dieting and exercising in order to lose weight.

She told Body+Soul, “I just thought that was it. I couldn’t do anything about changing it as I had tried so many diets and exercise program over the years with some success, but only to put it back on, and more, afterwards.”

The 50-year-old gave up all her hopes and accepted that she would remain fat for the rest of her life.

“I had done no exercise for about 8 months after quitting the gym,” explained Sally. “This and poor diet, influenced by the pressure of everyday life and full-time work prompted the weight gain.”

She said she was embarrassed when she weighed more than 242 pounds. She said, “I wore size 20-22 clothes, which was very depressing.”

However, her husband decided to take action and took her to SpeedFit to try their EMS technology. After undergoing EMS training for 10 months, she lost around 48 pounds and now she fits into 14-16 size clothes.

What is EMS technology?

EMS technology is a kind of training that sends “painless electronic impulses to muscles,” causing them to contract. In one EMS training session of 20 minutes, more 95 percent of your muscles are involved, without any weights.

It is one of the effective workout solutions for people with a busy schedule, like Sally.

She explained, “The only other exercise we do other than SpeedFit is walking as it’s hard to make time for any other exercise with our work. But we have noticed we can walk faster and longer after doing SpeedFit for some months.”

As far as her diet is concerned, Sally initially cut down sugar and alcohol from her diet for the first couple of months. Gradually, she started following a healthy diet. However, she incorporated sugar and alcohol back in small quantities. Sally said, “I explored different ways of cooking and try new ingredients to help find a healthier new way of eating.”