Food Safety Tips on Independence Day by Illinois Public Health Officials

Many people often indulge in binge eating and drinking to celebrate July 4, USA Independence Day.


The Illinois Department of Public Health has been concerned about what you will be eating this 4th of July.

Generally, the Independence Day safety warnings talk more about being safe with fireworks but not about eating, drinking and driving.

So, Illinois public health officials have issued their own Independence Day warning: food safety tips.

Director of the Illinois Department of Public Health Dr. Ngozi Ezike said, “It all starts with the burgers, brats and chicken wings.”

She said, “Don’t forget to fully cook your food when you fire up that grill. Keeping food out of the danger zone, and preventing foodborne illness by keeping the food between 40 and 140 degrees is an important thing. Foodborne illness can occur when food sits out too long.”

Dr. Ezike also advised drinking plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated. However, she warned against swallowing pool or lake water while you are swimming, which is something that can cause some stomach issues. Dr. Ezike added, “We need to be as careful as we can while enjoying ourselves and enjoying this weather that is time-limited. But try and swallow and ingest as little water as possible. That’s the best thing because lots of bacteria can be in that water.”