Monday, January 27, 2020
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Fox News’ ED Henry Is Back After Donating Part of His Liver to Sister

“It was really about Colleen. She's had more bumps than me... Receiving the donation, it takes more time, it's harder.”


After donating part of his liver to his sister, Ed Henry, the chief national correspondent of Fox News Channel, has made an emotional return to the network. He stopped by “Fox & Friends” show almost two months after the surgery. 

Speaking emotionally before a live audience, Henry said that he was very “touched” to receive so many letters from the channel viewers.

Henry’s younger sister, Colleen, has been suffering from a degenerative liver condition. He said she has been doing well after undergoing the surgery. He thanked all of his colleagues for their concern and support.

Hinting that Colleen may come to the channel for an interview, Henry said, “It was really about Colleen. She’s had more bumps than me…. Receiving the donation, it takes more time, it’s harder.”

Sharing a funny incident from the Fox & Friends’ show, Henry explained his wife, Shirley, advised him to stay away from hugging people at the wedding of Pete Hegseth, the co-host of Fox & Friends, because of the incision he had on the chest due to surgery. However, Henry said he got a bit startled after seeing Sean Hannity at the weeding, who greets people with a “friendly jab.”

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“He punched me, but he did not hit my incision. I’m fine, I lived…. I was Hannit-ized!” said Henry. He thanked Hannity for his constant support and sending gifts after the surgery.

Henry added, “I did that for my sister, who I love. That’s easy, I think. What you do every single day, helping people who you may not even know. The amount of people who rushed into those buildings on 9/11, Stephen Siller and everyone else – they didn’t know people who they wanted to save.” He also said that he had a good family time this summer. Henry will be back to co-host his weekend show Fox & Friends.