Jeremy Phillip Felton, known professionally as Jeremih, 33, will be heading home later this week after battling COVID-19, according to his friend and collaborator Chance The Rapper, 27.

On Thursday, Chance, posted a series of tweets that he had spoken to Jeremih “for the first time in almost a month,” revealing that Jeremih is scheduled to get discharged from the hospital later this week.

Chance tweeted, “I am filled with praise right now. I just heard my brother Jeremih’s voice on the phone for the first time in almost a month. He will be out of the hospital tomorrow. We give all glory to the father in Jesus name.”

He also thanked frontline health workers who cared for Jeremih during his stay in the hospital. He wrote, “Thank you to the medical staff at northwestern and thank you to everyone who held him up in prayer even when it seemed so grim. We are a testimony.”

In mid-November, the news of Jeremih’s hospitalization was first releases when TMZ reported that he had been placed on a ventilator while seeking treatment for COVID-19.

At the time, Chance and other stars shared messages of support for Jeremih on social media.

Fellow rapper 50 Cent wrote at the time, “Pray for my boy @jeremih he’s not doing good this covid s*** is real, he’s in ICU in Chicago. In another post, he added, “Thank you for my boy Jeremih he is responsive today, doing a little better.”

Big Sean wrote, “Prayers up, praying for your strength @Jeremih.”

“Prayers up to Jeremih [sic] and his family,” wrote Meek Mill, while Toni Braxton wrote, “Keeping Jeremih in my prayers.”

On November 19, Jeremih’s spokesperson told Variety that he was taken off the ventilator; however, his “condition was still considered to be critical and he remained in the ICU.”

On November 21, Jeremih’s family confirmed that he was transferred out of the ICU. They told TMZ, “He will spend the rest of his recovery time in a regular hospital room. The true healing begins. Thank you all for your prayers and wishes.” So far, the virus has affected over 65 million and killed more than 1.5 million, with the United States reporting more than 14 million COVID-19 cases and over 282,000 deaths.