Jessica Simpson and Her Family Had Fallen Victim to Flu

“My family got kicked in the butt with the flu.”


It seems like Jessica Simpson and her family is going through the wrath of the flu.

On Wednesday, she posted a family photo on Instagram and revealed that most of her family members had fallen victim to flu, expect her 9-month-old daughter, Birdie Mae.

The 39-year-old wrote, “My family got kicked in the butt with the flu (everyone except our sweet Birdie). The only thing that is making me smile at the moment are the Aspen family holiday memories.”

On Thursday, she shared a photo of her daughter and expressed her gratitude that her baby girl was not sick.

She wrote, “Thank you God for protecting this baby Birdie from the flu. From one mom to another who has been taken down…y’all know how heartbreaking it is to not snuggle your baby… #BIRDIEMAE.”

This is not the first time Simpson’s family has been battling some sickness. Just before Thanksgiving, she said her family is fighting off a few ailments, including fevers, cough, puking, and even a concussion.

At the time, the Sweet Kisses singer wrote on Instagram, “It was a challenging 10 days for the family. Lots of puke, scary high fevers, coughing, and a concussion to top it all off,” sharing a photo of her and Maxi.

“Maxi and Ace are resilient troopers. Now we need some sleep,” she wrote. “Eric and I are so relieved they are happy and healthy now.” However, they recovered and celebrated Thanksgiving and Christmas in good spirits.